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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Strawberry Hibiscus

Blue Orchid in downtown Lincoln is my absolute favorite restaurant. I have honestly been there more than 4 times in one week, all with different people. It’s the one place I would drive for hours just to have Orchid Beef – thai hot. If I could drive to Lincoln, pick up take out, and get back to Omaha in less than an hour – I would go there everyday for lunch!

Now that I live in Omaha it has become even more of a treat. I love the waitstaff, the menu (I’ve tried 90% of it), the wine list, and also the possibility of exotic ice cream.

My standard is the toasted coconut ice cream – velvety and decadent but yet light and just a hint of salt. This is my go to dessert after a hot, spicy, beefy meal (served in a pineapple!). My prized gem however is the tarot root ice cream, never on the menu or mentioned – you have to ask specifically for this delight! It’s barney purple in color and the flavor is floral and earthy. A beautiful sensory experience brought to Blue Orchid by Ivana Cone down in the Haymarket.

However, last Friday night I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and try their new Strawberry Hibiscus ice cream. I’ve never been a huge fan of fruit in general and I don’t particularly like it in desserts. I’m not exactly sure what made me choose that over my usual coconut, but I figured I would survive since my mom ordered it. I was beyond impressed with that dish of pink ice cream!! It was slightly tart, barely strawberry, and perfectly floral. I finished my dish and wanted more!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

One Serving.

The box of chocolate chexs says ONE serving of cereal is 260 calories. Now in my mind that means ONE bowl. In reality, the bowl I grabbed from the kitchen is 1) a bowl my mom uses for serving and 2) similar in size to a small mixing bowl (which I also like to eat cereal out of. So my ONE bowl of cereal is closer to 2.5 servings….maybe 3 cups….so now we’re up to 600 calories!?! Oh wait – there’s still the milk…only had 2% at my parents so…..close to two servings of milk into my bowl…another 240 calories.

Damn cereal, I’m done counting calories.