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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Strawberry Hibiscus

Blue Orchid in downtown Lincoln is my absolute favorite restaurant. I have honestly been there more than 4 times in one week, all with different people. It’s the one place I would drive for hours just to have Orchid Beef – thai hot. If I could drive to Lincoln, pick up take out, and get back to Omaha in less than an hour – I would go there everyday for lunch!

Now that I live in Omaha it has become even more of a treat. I love the waitstaff, the menu (I’ve tried 90% of it), the wine list, and also the possibility of exotic ice cream.

My standard is the toasted coconut ice cream – velvety and decadent but yet light and just a hint of salt. This is my go to dessert after a hot, spicy, beefy meal (served in a pineapple!). My prized gem however is the tarot root ice cream, never on the menu or mentioned – you have to ask specifically for this delight! It’s barney purple in color and the flavor is floral and earthy. A beautiful sensory experience brought to Blue Orchid by Ivana Cone down in the Haymarket.

However, last Friday night I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and try their new Strawberry Hibiscus ice cream. I’ve never been a huge fan of fruit in general and I don’t particularly like it in desserts. I’m not exactly sure what made me choose that over my usual coconut, but I figured I would survive since my mom ordered it. I was beyond impressed with that dish of pink ice cream!! It was slightly tart, barely strawberry, and perfectly floral. I finished my dish and wanted more!!