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Saturday, February 4, 2012

My continued obsession with Maracons

Recently…the 30th of January actually, on a balmy 60+ degree day in Nebraska…. Which by the way NEVER happens.  I’m not sure what’s up with the global warming lately but that’s another blog.  60+ degrees, no wind, absolutely beautiful day….Jill (my running buddy) and I had planned to meet in Aksarben and run the Keystone trail, however I was distracted by Jones Bros Cupcakes and their promise of gluten free macarons. 

Like my previous post – these are my most recent obsession.  I can’t stop thinking about them!  I think what drives the obsession is that most gluten free books fail to mention that at their purest, macarons are gluten free!!  These are extremely delicate and challenging cookies to make as I spent an entire Sunday learning.  I’m determined to perfect this cookie.  Until then…I will rely on Delice Bakery in Midtown Crossing and Jones Bros in Aksarben to satisfy my craving. 

Surprisingly the Macarons at each bakery are quite different.  They both have the traditional look, but the flavors are unique. 

I love the raspberry Macarons at Delice…. The chocolate ones were devine but almost too sweet.  I liked the sweet cookie with the tart raspberry filling the best!

At Jones ,the vanilla, yes vanilla – are freaking amazing.  The best vanilla cookie I’ve ever eaten (which actually isn’t overly meaningful as I don’t choose vanilla cookies too often).  This isn’t ordinary vanilla but Madagascar vanilla – it will change you life!   I also enjoyed the chocolate Macaron, which was probably the second best in the group.  

I want more now!