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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuna Salad Cups

Doesn't this look delicious?  

Sandwiches get soggy in a lunch box, but tuna salad cups stay nice and fresh!  

I will admit, I do not have an official recipe for my tuna salad - I tend to use the same usual ingredients and just throw them together without much measurement.  It may take a time or two for you to get the gist of it, but eventually you will develop your own style of tuna and will whip it up in no time!  Also I will confess mine salad is probably a bit more complex than most - I like lots of high flavor ingredients just so I can avoid using salt.  Very few of my recipes will actually call for salt and I NEVER add salt randomly to food.  (just a quirky thing about me).  

Here are the ingredients I use - Mirepoix (onion, carrot, celery mix - I hate chopping onions so this is totally worth the cost, which isn't much since its from Trader Joes.), grainy mustard (I add mustard just because you're suppose to - also TJ's), just a bit of crushed garlic - TJ's, pickle relish - Hyvee (also just because it's suppose to be in there), Mayo - I use the olive oil kind - Hyvee, Siracha - Hyvee (Siracha is a spicy chinese condiment which is dynamite - you can put it on just about anything that needs a little kick in the ass!), and tuna of course - I buy it at Hyvee because it's cheaper.  I use the mayo to bind all the ingredients together - 4 cans of tuna, one container of mirepoix, and everything else to taste.  This is also the same ingredients I use to make egg salad - just sub out the tuna for 6-10 hard boiled eggs.  Keeps well in the fridge - actually its better the next day :)

Then hollow out 4 ripe tomatoes, stuff in the tuna salad and pack up your lunch!!  Enjoy!