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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

VI - KING of Breakfast

*I do not eat bacon.  I just order it so my dad can have extra :)  This is the Ultimate Skillet - little potatoes, ham, onion, green peppers, with scrambled eggs on top - and some cheese.  Not very healthy - but come on, you're at Village Inn!

I LOVE breakfast... I love it all 24 hours of the day.  And it actually pretty gluten free friendly - unless you like all those breakfast pastries - not so gluten free friendly.  You will see lots of gluten free breakfast posts from me in the future.  

Vi - I do love their new branding strategy - so hip :)  also known as Village Inn, is very celiac friendly whether they know it or not.  Don't go throwing around the words "gluten free" or "celiacs" - nothing against them but lets be serious, they don't have the most intelligent wait staffs.  Just be very clear - No bread, no toast, no pancakes - don't put them on my plate.  I've confirmed in multiple books and their corporate office has stated that they do NOT put pancake batter in their eggs to make them fuffy (IHOP does this - so don't eat there).  

You will be very safe sticking to the obvious - eggs, bacon, sausage (not ALWAYS safe - but I've never had an issue with Vi's), fruit, and potatoes (hashbrowns or breakfast potatoes). 

I'll admit - I've never eaten anything but breakfast at VI so you're on your own with the rest of the menu.  But my best advice - just stick to your intuition.  Breakfast is always the safest!!


Village Inn on Urbanspoon

Monday, July 30, 2012

You don't have to be nice...You have to be strong!

You don't have to be nice... You have to be strong.  Being an advocate for yourself is never easy, it takes time and dedication and a constant mental determination.  You need to be strong for yourself, for your physical health and for your mental health.  You need to be gluten free and you MUST eat gluten free - it's not just a random choice, it's not an option.

Eating gluten free at home in your own little bubble is easy and simple and you can fall into your own little world.  It can become comfortable and limiting.  I went for a very long time - probably months just eating hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, and peanut butter.  Not very exciting you may think - but those happen to be my very very favorite foods but I soon realized that I could venture out of my comfort zone and I needed to - I absolutely needed to because although I was healthy in one respect, I was greatly neglecting my nutritional needs.

Thankfully I had a very strong support system - many supportive friends and family who were more than willing to eat at restaurants where I felt comfortable, where I had researched ahead of time and where I knew the menu.

Here are some tips for Dining Out successfully:
1). Do your research ahead of time - google is a wonderful tool!  Also don't be afraid to call ahead, ask for the executive chef and question the menu or whether they can accommodate gluten free needs.
2). Take your support system with you - two advocates is always better than one, but don't let them explain for you.  You need to explain your special needs.
3). Become a regular.  Get to know the waitstaff - they will be much more accommodating.
4). Always show your appreciation.  I'm a big tipper if a waiter goes above & beyond for me.
5). Never pretend to understand a menu term.  ASK QUESTIONS about everything. Refer to my previous post about menu navigation.  If the waiter doesn't know - don't be afraid to ask for a manager - be strong!
6). Never pay for what you can't eat.  Even if it's no one's fault - send it back and explain why.
7).  Be prepared to sit there and not eat if you are unable to find something on the menu or if the restaurant is unable to specifically accommodate your gluten free needs.  Better safe than sorry.  Keep a snack in the car for emergencies.
8).  Never EVER accept anyone's best guess, however sincere.  Insist on verification that what you're getting is gluten free.  If it can't be proven, don't order it / eat it.

Lazlos in the Lincoln, Ne Haymarket area - not my favorite place to eat but definitely a great choice for eating gluten free easily!  They are very gluten-free friendly.

You can do it!!


Friday, July 27, 2012

because I'm too lazy...

I've realized I haven't really cooked much this summer.  It's absolutely due to the heat.  I just can't handle this weather and I just don't want to heat up my apartment anymore then I have to by turning on the oven!  Sandwiches are an easy and simple escape.  I had some leftover hamburger buns from the weekend so I stirred up a small batch of tuna salad and just used the buns open faced.  Lays regular potato chips added some crunch to my dish and I was set for the evening! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dining Out - Menu Navigation

Dining out can be a daunting task at the beginning and that first glance at the menu can become an overwhelming nightmare.  Being armed with information and education is the easiest way to tame those fears and the quickest way to becoming your own advocate.  Culinary terms are tricky so beginning to navigate those terms will help you stay safe when ordering off a menu especially if the waitstaff doesn't understand your specific needs.

Absolutely NOT safe:

Americaine: tomato sauce commonly thickened with flour.
Au gratin: any combination of things in a flour based cheese sauce.
Bechamel: one of the 5 traditional French sauces - flour based.
Beef Wellington: a cut of meat wrapped in pastry crust.
Beignet: a Cajun dessert fritter.
Blanquette: a veal or chicken ragout/stew with a roux base.
Bisque: a thick soup or puree thickened with flour.
Bouchee: bite-sized puff pastries.
Bourguignonne: stew base of roux and Burgundy wine.
Couscous: North African durham wheat grain.
Crepinette: sausage encased in bread crumbs.
Escabeche: a Spanish dish of floured and fried smelts, mackerels, and red mullets.
Focaccia: Italian bread.
Fricassee: stew with a roux base and poultry.
Gnocchi: potato pasta but always has traces of flour.
Matelote: fish stew thickened with flour.
Milanaise: veal or chicken crusted with bread crumbs.
Moussaka: a Greek eggplant casserole with a bechamel sauce.
Navarin: ragout of mutton or lamb thickened with a roux.
Pasticcio: mixture of meat, vegetables, bechamel sauce, and topped with bread crumbs.
Polonaise: cauliflower preparation topped with bread crumbs.
Posole: Mexican corn stew thickened with flour.
Quiche: savory egg tart with pastry crust.
Roux: combination of flour and fat to thicken sauces.
Semolina: wheat flour.
Spelt: another form of wheat flour.
Stroganoff: ragout of beef thickened with a dark roux.

This is not a complete list but should be a great starting place!

Blue Orchid in Lincoln, Ne - One of my very absolute favorite restaurants and a very easy place to eat gluten free!

*Adapted from a list in the Gluten Free Bible.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Food Truck Lincoln UPDATE

Here's the email I sent the food truck in Lincoln - GUP:

Good Afternoon Gup!
Do you offer any gluten free menu items and if so how safe are your preparation methods?  Would someone with Celiac's Disease be relatively safe eating your fare?
Thank you!!

And here is his response:

Hi there,
We have corn tortillas that we can use for our tacos in place of our flour ones.  Our chicken cranberry salad is gluten free as well.  The prep space for making food is very small and we are cutting all of our bread to order, so there is no guarantee of a gluten-free meal.  However, if you make us aware, we will do our best to assemble the meal with the gluten allergy in mind (clean prep space/ cutting board, clean gloves, etc).

Hope that helps.

GUP Kitchen

I would say that's pretty good news and I very fast response time!  


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I get bored trying to be normal...

Ok... sometimes it's nice to be completely normal....

Udi's now makes gluten-free hamburger buns!!  I'm sure they have for awhile but I just noticed them on a recent trip to Trader Joes.  So this is the very first complete hamburger I've had in probably 4 whole years.  My dad even saved a special place on the grill for my bun.  It was incredibly, deliciously, normal.  Yum :)

*HyVee baked beans and Busch's baked beans are gluten free!

HyVee and Trader Joe's both carry Udi's brand - but you get a better deal at TJ's :)



Monday, July 23, 2012

Food Truck Truck

Food Trucks have finally hit the local scene here in Omaha and after a little research I also found one in  Lincoln that accommodates gluten free needs.  

Localmotive is the best food truck in Omaha!  They have a wide variety of fare for those gluten eaters and for us Celiacs we have a wonderful choice of three gourmet fries with incredible INCREDIBLE dipping sauces.  Fries wouldn't seem extra special to most, but to us celiac's they are hard to find gluten free.  Yes, potatoes are gluten free, but fries fried without risk of contamination from flour are very hard to come by so this is a special treat!! *example: most places fry their fries in the same fryers as their chicken strips which are battered in flour therefore contaminating the grease and cross contaminating the potato fries making them unsafe for celiacs.  Make sense?

Localmotive has late night service every evening from 9pm to 2am in the Old Market and does lunch service occasionally downtown - hopefully more regularly soon!!  They are also working to increase their gluten free options with a new menu being released in early August.  Yay!

The greek fries are my number one favorite - they are freakin delicious with lemon, shallots, and parsley.  They best part is the herb aioli (fancy mayonnaise dipping sauce). Soooooo Good! 
(disclaimer: I'm not an avid soda drinker but I do enjoy a cold diet coke every now and then.)

I did some research and the food truck in Lincoln is GUP Kitchen - they have quite a huge menu which is all locally sourced.  I'm excited to hit them up next time I'm in town!  I've also sent them an email requesting some additional information so I'll give an update when I can!

There is also another truck in Lincoln called A La Carte but their website isn't as informative as I was hoping - it seems gluten free but you might just have to go check it out!  Lil - we should have a food truck date night!! 


Friday, July 20, 2012

"Food Allergy?"

Over time I've gotten some pretty stupid questions regarding my food disability, whether someone notices I'm not eating, I'm making a special request, or I'm denying that red-headed slut shot... questions always arise.  And believe me they are never intelligent or educated questions.  

Honestly, maybe this is a pessimistic view (which I'm absolutely not a pessimist) but I do not feel it's my job to educate the masses about Celiac's Disease or leading a gluten-free lifestyle.  I think this mindset and let's be serious down right anger comes from people who randomly choose to be gluten-free for crash dieting purposes.  This irritates me to no end.  You can't just choose to be gluten-free like you can choose to be vegetarian.  It doesn't work like that. 

Enough with that rant... The most ridiculous question I get is usually in response to a statement I make - "I have a food allergy."  Although this is the easiest way to explain celiacs instead of going into the whole - actually I have an auto-immune disorder that makes my body attack gluten proteins found in wheat, rye, and barley causing about 100 different symptoms.  Most of us celiacs just say "I have a food allergy."  This statement is absolutely not true so I suppose we bring it on ourselves... it's just easier to explain that way.  

"I have a food allergy."  response: Oh so like anaphaylatic shock?  Will your throat close up?  Will you die if you eat bread?  Will you break out in hives?  

No, none of those things happen, but thanks for asking.  

Get use to the stupid questions - they come from every direction.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Firecracker Rice Salad

This is absolutely my favorite salad!  My mom makes this rice salad very very often for me because it has all my favorite ingredients - rice & veggies!  Unfortunately, I will admit that I never attempt to make this salad for myself because I am completely lacking in the rice cooking department.  That's the only difficult part of this salad - making rice the hard way.  I can honestly say I've never successfully made a batch of rice - I've tried, but I've never gotten it right! 

I love this salad because the rice is soft and fluffy, the veggies are crunchy, and the dressing is perfectly tangy.  What more could you want in a salad?  I could probably, with little effort, eat this entire bowl!  It's also beautiful with all the colored veggies - just like fireworks!  Hence, firecracker salad :)

To start, make a batch of rice (from scratch - follow the box directions I suppose) - you want to end up with about 4 cups of cooked rice when you're done, chop 6 cups of veggies - anything you have laying around (but here's the secret - Trader Joe's 8 veggie Mix, it's right by the mirepoix) and you'll need about 1 cup of slivered almonds.  

Once the rice is cooked and cooled slightly, toss in all the veggies and the almonds.  

For the dressing:
1/4 cup white wine vinegar
a little olive oil (1-2 TB)
1 tsp ground cumin - this is what makes it great!
salt and pepper
1 heaping tsp of minced garlic

Whisk together and pour into the rice/veggie mix.  This salad get better the longer it sits so make it a day ahead and keep it in the fridge!  



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Another shout out... :)

Ok, so I came across this blog today and I just can't resist sharing.... This is a local Omaha blog about all sorts of things.  

I'm addicted... Please check it out :)  

Happy Wednesday!


It's ok to hate Panera...

There's a big difference between being newly diagnosed and having accepted the fact that you will always, always be gluten free.  Early on, I will admit, I had a serious meltdown at Panera.  Something similar to a full blown panic attack.  I think it was the bagel smell, the tempting flaky pastries, those stupid muffin tops, and that creamy chicken and rice soup I so desperately wanted to eat - everything started to soak in at once - I couldn't eat anything, I wasn't normal, I can't eat at restaurants, I'm a freak, my stomach hurts all the time, I'm getting a headache, geez it's hot in here, my eyes started to tear up, I had to get out of there.  I was upset, frustrated, angry, and a whole host of other emotions.  I hated Panera and all it's wheaty goodness.

It's ok to hate Panera.  But it does get better.  

It was probably a whole year before I set foot in Panera again, perhaps out of embarrassment, I didn't exactly cause a scene, but I was afraid of how I would feel again.  For me it was all about research. I knew I could find something to eat there.  For one, I could sit and drink coffee.  So that's where I started.  I would take my laptop and sit and drink coffee.  I still hated the way it smelled... so bakery like.  (ugh).  But I kept researching.  I would find the least busy employee and ask for their ingredient book.  They have a book of all their products (soups, pastries, salads...etc) with all the separate ingredients and allergies listed out.  I found which soups and salad dressings were safe for me to eat.  This was incredibly empowering for me.  I was taking control of the situation.  I was being my own advocate.  

Now when I go to Panera, I can order the caesar salad and the black bean soup.  Of course I politely ask them to change their gloves, explain that I have a food allergy, and request no croutons on the salad.  They are very very nice about it and go out of their way to comply.  I have never had a negative experience.  

I will advise that this is a very high-risk environment even when their staff is taking caution.  Because their products are made in a bakery with flour on every surface and potentially in the air, cross-contamination is possible.  I didn't start eating here until almost a year of being gluten free and I personally believe I am less sensitive because my body has been healing from a gluten free lifestyle.  Each person needs to make their own decision about what their body needs and can handle. 


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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Frito Lay Gluten Free Options

Sometimes you have those moments where you just want to run into a gas station and grab a snack.  Easier said than done.  Since fast food is pretty much off limits to Celiacs (but that's another post) "quick food" is nice to know about.... well here's the good news!  Frito-Lay is the largest commercial consumer & purchaser of corn in the nation.  They use so much corn that they can dedicate machinery solely to one product to avoid cross contamination.  Yay!  

Here is the link to the Frito-Lay gluten free list.  You can now enjoy a huge variety of products safely without worry.  This is also helpful when you're out and about at friends or family - you see a bag of Tostitos chips and Tostitos salsa, you know you're safe :)

And you can make Frito chili pie!!  I'll have the recipe when it cools off a bit - it's just too hot to think about chili right now.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Shout out!

I just want to give a quick shout out to some of my favorite bloggers :)  

My friend Renee blogs over at Tales from Clark Street and shares beautiful insights to daily life.  

 And my other favorite read is Lacey at I get these great ideas but I can't spell 'em - she is an absolutely hilarious & witty writer!

Enjoy these two great bloggers, I certainly do :)


Friday, July 13, 2012

El Alamo and a little stress relief...

I needed a little, ok a lot of stress relief yesterday.... thankfully I was meeting up with my friend Blondie for dinner!!  I decided to take her to my favorite little mexican place in south Omaha - El Alamo :)  I'm not sure of the exact address but it's between L & Q on 24th street on the east side.  For us celiac's - authentic mexican is an easy cuisine to navigate and just verify: corn chips and corn tortillas!

I understand this isn't the best pic but I still really like it.... it's more getting the essence of the neighborhood...ok it's just a bad pic.  

I ordered the Steak a la Mexicana which is sort of like steak fajitas and El Alamo's has the most amazing corn tortillas (not pictured because I ate them ALL before I remembered I was going to take a pic) which are made next door at Nina's.  They are probably the best corn tortillas I've ever eaten - soft and fluffy, the complete opposite of the ones at the grocery store.  The whole dish only comes out with three tortillas (you can ask for more) but I was trying to utilize a little self control last night and stuck to my initial three.  I still had quite a bit of stuffing left so I took them to-go for dinner this evening and the waitress gave me a few extra tortillas.  They did NOT make it to dinner (I ate them for breakfast). 

Blondie and I stopped by this quaint little establishment next door on our way out...Quite an odd collection of things - large outdoor pottery, religious statues, blown glass items, tapestries, and pinatas of course!  I like how the store is decorated to give that feeling of being outside while inside :)

We were sad the dress store was closed and decided to make a point to come back to try on Quinceanera dresses some Saturday afternoon just to be silly.  We headed to Mr. Toad's in the old market to have a drink or two and round out the evening with some much needed venting about life.  Blondie is a new friend but I'm very happy to have met her and am loving getting to know her - she is wonderful!  


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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Roasted Bean & Potato Salad

This isn't your grocery store potato salad!  No more unidentified creamy dressing or yellow chunks!  

This is a beautiful classy potato salad my mom whipped up for the 4th of July holiday.  She's always good about making sure her creations are gluten free friendly so her favorite (and only) daughter is a happy camper :) 

Head on over to Trader Joes and pick up a package of haricots verts (fancy name for skinny green beans), a bag of baby potatoes (you'll need about 5-6 of them), and 1 big sweet yellow onion.  Grab some tarragon if you don't already have some at home - fresh or dried is fine.

Rinse and cut the beans in half, dice up the potatoes in to bite sizes, and chop up the onion.  Put all these ingredients onto a baking sheet, toss with a bit of canola oil or olive oil and the tarragon.  A little salt and pepper too.  Into the oven at 400 degrees for 35ish minutes.  

While the beans & potatoes are roasting - you can make the dressing.  My mom makes the best dressings for EVERYTHING.  Here's what she did for the potato salad:
Juice of 1 lemon
1 TB of honey
a little dried tarragon
a touch of olive oil - a tablespoon or so
whisk all together in a small bowl.

Once the beans & potatoes are done, put into a bowl, toss in the dressing.  Give it a taste and adjust the seasonings as necessary.  Put the salad in the fridge to chill.  Serve chilled!



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Baked Grapefruit

This is an odd little recipe that Kristi found on Pinterest.  Kristi has always been intrigued with the fact that I hate fruit and eat so very little of it.  About a year ago she convinced me to eat half a grapefruit every day for a week... longest week of my entire life.  I've never liked citrus fruit - especially oranges, nectarines, or grapefruit.  However, I do enjoy lemons and limes when it comes to cookings.  Anyway... I was visiting Kristi the other day and she just had to see if I liked this baked grapefruit.  

I was immediately hesitant.  Baking it didn't seem like it was going to help.  

Kristi took half a grapefruit, ran a knife around the sections, and put in on a lined pan.  She sprinkled the top with cinnamon and liberally caked brown sugar over the cinnamon.  

We put it in a 350 degree oven for about 18-20 minutes.  

This is what came out of the oven.  

I can't lie and say I enjoyed it - it still tasted very grapefruity!  But it was a definite improvement over a raw grapefruit :)  If you like grapefruit to begin with, you will love this easy, naturally, gluten free recipe.  It's fruit - so you can eat it for breakfast!  Or dessert I suppose.



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Artistic Perspective

I recently came across a new artist I'm deeply in love with!  Kat LaRanger is a New York artist who focuses on the female shape.  If I could paint how my body feels as an emotional reaction to celiacs disease, I feel this is how my images would look.  I just love the way she expresses emotion through form and color.  Her art is absolutely breath-taking and I am just lusting after these paintings.

Monday, July 9, 2012


I'm going to preface this with *I hate chicken.*  I rarely rarely eat chicken let alone cook it.  However I decided to venture out of my comfort zone recently and try a little bit.  

I bought already cooked chicken breast at Trader Joes, Mirepoix (the onion, celery, carrot mix), canned chick peas (for additional protein obviously), and grape tomatoes - all from Trader Joes.  Plus 2 lemons!

I diced up the chicken and halved the tomatoes throwing them into a bowl with the mirepoix and chick peas (drained & rinsed).  

For the dressing - (I'm not very proficient in the dressing department) I combined olive oil, lots of lemon juice, lemon zest, minced garlic, and black pepper.  After the fact I decided a squirt of siracha would have been a lovely addition - next time!  I whisked all the dressing ingredients together and was actually pretty impressed with it.  Poured it over my chicken mixture and tossed together.  

This may have been the very first time in my entire life I actually cooked with chicken, and lets be serious - Trader Joe cooked the chicken.  I was shocked how tasty this dish turned out!  I liked it so much, I added a can of black beans the next day to try and stretch it out!

Sometimes I surprise myself...

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Whiskey Debate

Being a celiac doesn't mean you have to stop drinking per se... But you do need to be more careful.  I will admit that drinking does terrify me.  Maybe I just don't trust myself fully inebriated.  I feel like I will get drunk & disorderly and decide I can sure eat all those things I've been depriving myself of the last 1...2...3...4 years.  I'm more comfortable now and I know I wouldn't eat anything I shouldn't but still it makes me nervous.  So I will admit - I was a lot more fun before celiacs when it comes to drinking, partying, and going-out.

However drinking is possible.  As long as you go into the night knowing what you CAN drink and being strong enough to avoid what you can't.  This takes will-power, lots of it.  You have to be able to tell that sexy guy at the bar - NO, I do not want that shot, and no you can't buy me a beer.

No more communal fish bowls - who knows what's in there!  Don't let people drink out your glass - no you can't sample my delicious gluten-free beer.  If someone spills beer down your dress you have every right now to go completely postal on her - b!tch slap that chick and trip her the next time she walks by.

Here's the good news:  You are now a classy drinker.  Here's what you CAN drink!!  YAY!

Absolutely Gluten Free:

Beers -
Woodchuck - some bars have this
Redbridge - no bars have this, only grocery stores.
New Grist - no bars have this, only HyVee
I'm sure there are other gluten free beers by now, but this is my standard list.

Hard Alcohol -
Rum - Dark, Light, Coconut (all of them)
Tequila - Yay!
Vodka - high end vodka made from potatoes, this is your chance to be a vodka snob!
Wine - all wine is gluten free, most people have no clue so this is another opportunity to be a snob and be picky about what you're drinking!

*Whiskey is a grain alcohol but it's considered safe for Celiacs due to the distilling process.  Same goes for scotch.

Example drinks:  Rum & coke, malibu (coconut rum) & pineapple juice, tequila sunrise (orange juice), crown & water (my drink of choice), Chopin Vodka & cranberry, Gin & tonic... you have options, but have a game plan before you head into that bar.  Choose a drink and stick with it all night!

Absolutely NOT gluten free and to be AVOIDED:

Beer - all of it
Malt beverages - ie: mike's hard lemonade and all it's varieties
Flavored Vodkas - who knows what they put in that stuff!
Flavored liquors - ie: hot damn!
Any thing creamy - ie: Bailey's, Godiva Liquors
Any thing not of a natural color - ie: UV Blue
Mixed Shots - don't do it

Until you're 100% comfortable with your gluten free lifestyle and have your will power in check - avoid heavy drinking situations, just to be safe.

and Always drink responsibly :)


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Accidents Happen

I've been gluten free for four years now... and I still screw up occasionally.  I forget to check a label, I forget to ask about ingredients, I let my guard down, I'm lazy, I eat when I'm too tired - it happens.

Last sunday, I had dinner at my best friend's parent's house.  Her parents are beyond supportive of my food allergy and she has always been one of my biggest advocates.  Her dad brought me all the spices he was using to marinate with so I could check the labels - how sweet was that!  However, I never checked the label on the brats.  I think that's what did me in - I'm fairly certain everything else was absolutely gluten free.  I've been feeling terrible for the last two days.  Not overtly sick, just off my game.  My stomach feel achy and I have a dull headache - nothing as severe as it use to be.

However, somethings I learned early on to get feeling better as soon as possible.  GET THE GLUTEN OUT.  Sounds easy, but it's not that simple.  This is going to get graphic but as celiacs we know tummy problems display themselves in a wide variety of forms so depending which end of the spectrum your body reacts, getting that glutenous meal out of your system isn't always quick.  Some individuals can't keep stuff in, whether it's coming out the top or the bottom, and others like myself struggle daily to get things moving!

This may seem silly but sweating it out actually helps, now I completely understand that working out when you're feeling sick is not the answer.  I like to boil myself in the bath tub!  Super hot water, shut the door and the shower curtain, steam away.  For some reason I feel better and my stomach usually feels better.  Make the most of the situation and grab a good book or mix up a sugar scrub to treat yourself!  (sugar scrub: in a small bowl mix a small amount of oil [any oil - olive oil, canola oil, sesame oil whatever you have], a good squirt of body wash, then add sugar until it reaches a creamy goopy consistency).

For more extreme cases.  Laxatives will sure do the trick but be very careful relying on stimulant laxatives as they can cause damage to your system with extensive use.  I prefer the sienna pills which are a natural herb that will help move that gluten out!  Also there's a sienna tea available at Walgreens or Hyvee that is nice occasionally.  I believe it's called "Smooth Move" - available in a couple flavors.

For the most extreme and emergency accidents - 2 bottles of Magnesium Citrate (drink each bottle an hour apart) will leave you 100% gluten free once more.  Drink it at night and don't make plans in the morning.  Your colon will feel squeaky clean!  Mag citrate is available in multiple flavors, lemon is the least atrocious - and you can find it in the pharmacy section of almost any store: Hyvee, Walgreens, Target, or Walmart.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sorry for the break!

Sorry for the break!  I'm going to blame it on being a little sick, being super busy at work, and the holiday!  Regular posts will resume on Thursday!!

Happy 4th of July!!

Love you Lil!!