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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Accidents Happen

I've been gluten free for four years now... and I still screw up occasionally.  I forget to check a label, I forget to ask about ingredients, I let my guard down, I'm lazy, I eat when I'm too tired - it happens.

Last sunday, I had dinner at my best friend's parent's house.  Her parents are beyond supportive of my food allergy and she has always been one of my biggest advocates.  Her dad brought me all the spices he was using to marinate with so I could check the labels - how sweet was that!  However, I never checked the label on the brats.  I think that's what did me in - I'm fairly certain everything else was absolutely gluten free.  I've been feeling terrible for the last two days.  Not overtly sick, just off my game.  My stomach feel achy and I have a dull headache - nothing as severe as it use to be.

However, somethings I learned early on to get feeling better as soon as possible.  GET THE GLUTEN OUT.  Sounds easy, but it's not that simple.  This is going to get graphic but as celiacs we know tummy problems display themselves in a wide variety of forms so depending which end of the spectrum your body reacts, getting that glutenous meal out of your system isn't always quick.  Some individuals can't keep stuff in, whether it's coming out the top or the bottom, and others like myself struggle daily to get things moving!

This may seem silly but sweating it out actually helps, now I completely understand that working out when you're feeling sick is not the answer.  I like to boil myself in the bath tub!  Super hot water, shut the door and the shower curtain, steam away.  For some reason I feel better and my stomach usually feels better.  Make the most of the situation and grab a good book or mix up a sugar scrub to treat yourself!  (sugar scrub: in a small bowl mix a small amount of oil [any oil - olive oil, canola oil, sesame oil whatever you have], a good squirt of body wash, then add sugar until it reaches a creamy goopy consistency).

For more extreme cases.  Laxatives will sure do the trick but be very careful relying on stimulant laxatives as they can cause damage to your system with extensive use.  I prefer the sienna pills which are a natural herb that will help move that gluten out!  Also there's a sienna tea available at Walgreens or Hyvee that is nice occasionally.  I believe it's called "Smooth Move" - available in a couple flavors.

For the most extreme and emergency accidents - 2 bottles of Magnesium Citrate (drink each bottle an hour apart) will leave you 100% gluten free once more.  Drink it at night and don't make plans in the morning.  Your colon will feel squeaky clean!  Mag citrate is available in multiple flavors, lemon is the least atrocious - and you can find it in the pharmacy section of almost any store: Hyvee, Walgreens, Target, or Walmart.