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Friday, July 13, 2012

El Alamo and a little stress relief...

I needed a little, ok a lot of stress relief yesterday.... thankfully I was meeting up with my friend Blondie for dinner!!  I decided to take her to my favorite little mexican place in south Omaha - El Alamo :)  I'm not sure of the exact address but it's between L & Q on 24th street on the east side.  For us celiac's - authentic mexican is an easy cuisine to navigate and just verify: corn chips and corn tortillas!

I understand this isn't the best pic but I still really like it.... it's more getting the essence of the neighborhood...ok it's just a bad pic.  

I ordered the Steak a la Mexicana which is sort of like steak fajitas and El Alamo's has the most amazing corn tortillas (not pictured because I ate them ALL before I remembered I was going to take a pic) which are made next door at Nina's.  They are probably the best corn tortillas I've ever eaten - soft and fluffy, the complete opposite of the ones at the grocery store.  The whole dish only comes out with three tortillas (you can ask for more) but I was trying to utilize a little self control last night and stuck to my initial three.  I still had quite a bit of stuffing left so I took them to-go for dinner this evening and the waitress gave me a few extra tortillas.  They did NOT make it to dinner (I ate them for breakfast). 

Blondie and I stopped by this quaint little establishment next door on our way out...Quite an odd collection of things - large outdoor pottery, religious statues, blown glass items, tapestries, and pinatas of course!  I like how the store is decorated to give that feeling of being outside while inside :)

We were sad the dress store was closed and decided to make a point to come back to try on Quinceanera dresses some Saturday afternoon just to be silly.  We headed to Mr. Toad's in the old market to have a drink or two and round out the evening with some much needed venting about life.  Blondie is a new friend but I'm very happy to have met her and am loving getting to know her - she is wonderful!  


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