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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Food Truck Lincoln UPDATE

Here's the email I sent the food truck in Lincoln - GUP:

Good Afternoon Gup!
Do you offer any gluten free menu items and if so how safe are your preparation methods?  Would someone with Celiac's Disease be relatively safe eating your fare?
Thank you!!

And here is his response:

Hi there,
We have corn tortillas that we can use for our tacos in place of our flour ones.  Our chicken cranberry salad is gluten free as well.  The prep space for making food is very small and we are cutting all of our bread to order, so there is no guarantee of a gluten-free meal.  However, if you make us aware, we will do our best to assemble the meal with the gluten allergy in mind (clean prep space/ cutting board, clean gloves, etc).

Hope that helps.

GUP Kitchen

I would say that's pretty good news and I very fast response time!