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Monday, July 23, 2012

Food Truck Truck

Food Trucks have finally hit the local scene here in Omaha and after a little research I also found one in  Lincoln that accommodates gluten free needs.  

Localmotive is the best food truck in Omaha!  They have a wide variety of fare for those gluten eaters and for us Celiacs we have a wonderful choice of three gourmet fries with incredible INCREDIBLE dipping sauces.  Fries wouldn't seem extra special to most, but to us celiac's they are hard to find gluten free.  Yes, potatoes are gluten free, but fries fried without risk of contamination from flour are very hard to come by so this is a special treat!! *example: most places fry their fries in the same fryers as their chicken strips which are battered in flour therefore contaminating the grease and cross contaminating the potato fries making them unsafe for celiacs.  Make sense?

Localmotive has late night service every evening from 9pm to 2am in the Old Market and does lunch service occasionally downtown - hopefully more regularly soon!!  They are also working to increase their gluten free options with a new menu being released in early August.  Yay!

The greek fries are my number one favorite - they are freakin delicious with lemon, shallots, and parsley.  They best part is the herb aioli (fancy mayonnaise dipping sauce). Soooooo Good! 
(disclaimer: I'm not an avid soda drinker but I do enjoy a cold diet coke every now and then.)

I did some research and the food truck in Lincoln is GUP Kitchen - they have quite a huge menu which is all locally sourced.  I'm excited to hit them up next time I'm in town!  I've also sent them an email requesting some additional information so I'll give an update when I can!

There is also another truck in Lincoln called A La Carte but their website isn't as informative as I was hoping - it seems gluten free but you might just have to go check it out!  Lil - we should have a food truck date night!!