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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Frito Lay Gluten Free Options

Sometimes you have those moments where you just want to run into a gas station and grab a snack.  Easier said than done.  Since fast food is pretty much off limits to Celiacs (but that's another post) "quick food" is nice to know about.... well here's the good news!  Frito-Lay is the largest commercial consumer & purchaser of corn in the nation.  They use so much corn that they can dedicate machinery solely to one product to avoid cross contamination.  Yay!  

Here is the link to the Frito-Lay gluten free list.  You can now enjoy a huge variety of products safely without worry.  This is also helpful when you're out and about at friends or family - you see a bag of Tostitos chips and Tostitos salsa, you know you're safe :)

And you can make Frito chili pie!!  I'll have the recipe when it cools off a bit - it's just too hot to think about chili right now.