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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

VI - KING of Breakfast

*I do not eat bacon.  I just order it so my dad can have extra :)  This is the Ultimate Skillet - little potatoes, ham, onion, green peppers, with scrambled eggs on top - and some cheese.  Not very healthy - but come on, you're at Village Inn!

I LOVE breakfast... I love it all 24 hours of the day.  And it actually pretty gluten free friendly - unless you like all those breakfast pastries - not so gluten free friendly.  You will see lots of gluten free breakfast posts from me in the future.  

Vi - I do love their new branding strategy - so hip :)  also known as Village Inn, is very celiac friendly whether they know it or not.  Don't go throwing around the words "gluten free" or "celiacs" - nothing against them but lets be serious, they don't have the most intelligent wait staffs.  Just be very clear - No bread, no toast, no pancakes - don't put them on my plate.  I've confirmed in multiple books and their corporate office has stated that they do NOT put pancake batter in their eggs to make them fuffy (IHOP does this - so don't eat there).  

You will be very safe sticking to the obvious - eggs, bacon, sausage (not ALWAYS safe - but I've never had an issue with Vi's), fruit, and potatoes (hashbrowns or breakfast potatoes). 

I'll admit - I've never eaten anything but breakfast at VI so you're on your own with the rest of the menu.  But my best advice - just stick to your intuition.  Breakfast is always the safest!!


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