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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Whiskey Debate

Being a celiac doesn't mean you have to stop drinking per se... But you do need to be more careful.  I will admit that drinking does terrify me.  Maybe I just don't trust myself fully inebriated.  I feel like I will get drunk & disorderly and decide I can sure eat all those things I've been depriving myself of the last 1...2...3...4 years.  I'm more comfortable now and I know I wouldn't eat anything I shouldn't but still it makes me nervous.  So I will admit - I was a lot more fun before celiacs when it comes to drinking, partying, and going-out.

However drinking is possible.  As long as you go into the night knowing what you CAN drink and being strong enough to avoid what you can't.  This takes will-power, lots of it.  You have to be able to tell that sexy guy at the bar - NO, I do not want that shot, and no you can't buy me a beer.

No more communal fish bowls - who knows what's in there!  Don't let people drink out your glass - no you can't sample my delicious gluten-free beer.  If someone spills beer down your dress you have every right now to go completely postal on her - b!tch slap that chick and trip her the next time she walks by.

Here's the good news:  You are now a classy drinker.  Here's what you CAN drink!!  YAY!

Absolutely Gluten Free:

Beers -
Woodchuck - some bars have this
Redbridge - no bars have this, only grocery stores.
New Grist - no bars have this, only HyVee
I'm sure there are other gluten free beers by now, but this is my standard list.

Hard Alcohol -
Rum - Dark, Light, Coconut (all of them)
Tequila - Yay!
Vodka - high end vodka made from potatoes, this is your chance to be a vodka snob!
Wine - all wine is gluten free, most people have no clue so this is another opportunity to be a snob and be picky about what you're drinking!

*Whiskey is a grain alcohol but it's considered safe for Celiacs due to the distilling process.  Same goes for scotch.

Example drinks:  Rum & coke, malibu (coconut rum) & pineapple juice, tequila sunrise (orange juice), crown & water (my drink of choice), Chopin Vodka & cranberry, Gin & tonic... you have options, but have a game plan before you head into that bar.  Choose a drink and stick with it all night!

Absolutely NOT gluten free and to be AVOIDED:

Beer - all of it
Malt beverages - ie: mike's hard lemonade and all it's varieties
Flavored Vodkas - who knows what they put in that stuff!
Flavored liquors - ie: hot damn!
Any thing creamy - ie: Bailey's, Godiva Liquors
Any thing not of a natural color - ie: UV Blue
Mixed Shots - don't do it

Until you're 100% comfortable with your gluten free lifestyle and have your will power in check - avoid heavy drinking situations, just to be safe.

and Always drink responsibly :)