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Thursday, August 9, 2012

California Spaghetti

I understand California Spaghetti might sound a bit strange and you're probably wondering what it even is - well, I will explain, and it has a very special place in my heart!  

In 2007, I studied abroad in India (I know - where I am going with this?), and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.  The food and the culture seeped into my soul and will always be part of who I am today.  I will probably talk about India often, as I LOVE Indian food and have many experiences that relate to being gluten free and discovering my Celiac's Disease but that's another post.  

When a group of us would enter a restaurant, we would be welcomed with warm hospitality, waitstaff hurrying out to see the crowd of Americans in their restaurant, and we were swarmed with questions of our travels.  It was always an experience dining - surprisingly most restaurant owners wanted to impress us with the "American" offerings on their menus!  Of course we were in India to experience real Indian culture but it was hilarious to see how they interpreted "american."  

Almost every restaurant had "California Spaghetti" - and they were damn proud of it.  It was really too funny to accurately express in writing, it's something you just have to experience it for yourself.  

I really enjoy making California Spaghetti only because 1) it really is delicious in it's own quirky way and 2) it absolutely takes me back to India and makes me giggle just a bit inside :) 

It's super easy to make.  It's just regular spaghetti with corn in it.  It's a hilarious combination of all american stereotypes - midwestern corn, the a-typical use of "california" as an american standard, and the fact that pasta has greatly become americanized.  

So...1 onion chopped, ground hamburger, and a little garlic - until browned.  Add in your favorite spaghetti sauce.  Let simmer for awhile.  Add in half a bag of frozen corn (use fresh if you have it).  Add to cooked gluten free spaghetti.  *the night I made this I only had fettucini - but it worked fine (this is the pasta brand HyVee carries).  

It's absurd and delicious all at once.  The sweetness of the corn actually does compliment the acidity of the tomato sauce - just try it.  You will love it!