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Friday, August 10, 2012

I ♥ Friday

My dear friend Jill and I enjoying DQ on a benefit night for TEAM in Training!  *peanut buster parfait.

You can still eat Dairy Queen so I ♥ Friday!!! Within reason of course and you have to use your brain.  MOST ice cream is safe - vanilla, chocolate, the basics.  Ok so DQ Soft Serve is safe - that's stage one.  Then think about what mix-ins would be safe - hot fudge, peanuts, m&ms, butterfingers, fruit, you get the idea.  Absolutely no to cheesecake bits, brownies, cookie dough etc.  Now you need to think about what machines are being used to make your dessert and whether you can ask if it can be cleaned - for example, if the guy in front of you ordered a cookie dough blizzard and you order a gluten free m&m one, yours will get contaminated if they don't clean off the machine.  

So... Most items made with soft serve and topped with stuff are the safest.  Blizzards are risky unless you can convince the high school kid at the counter to clean off the machine.  But it's worth it!  My personal favorite is the peanut buster parfait.... but it's hard to resist a blizzard occasionally. 

Enjoy that ice cream...