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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blue Orchid - Lincoln

Regular might be an understatement... It's getting better now that I live in Omaha...

Blue Orchid is my absolute favorite restaurant on this entire earth.  And yes I am saying that without trying all the earth has to offer in restaurants.  My mind cannot be changed.  The best thing about Blue Orchid is most of the menu can be adapted to gluten free needs!  It's difficult for me to express in words how much I love this restaurant, the food, the waitstaff, the atmosphere, EVERYTHING.  I've been eating there for years and I've tried almost everything on the menu, but now of course I have my absolute favorites.  Above is my ultimate appetizer - and my basis for judging ALL other mussels. 

The mussels are happily steamed in a lemon grass and basil reduction and served with a spicy side sauce that is insanely great.  I'm not exactly sure what's all in there - but it's full of goodness.

If you don't like mussels - you will like these.  You just need to try them.  Soooo good!

On the menu this is listed as Orchid Chicken - I however do not eat chicken so I substitute beef into my dish.  So above is Orchid Beef, thai hot, and gluten free.  I will warn you - thai hot is not for the faint at heart, I have a steel stomach and can eat fire without it phasing me.  Occasionally the thai peppers get the best of me, I think the seasons affect their heat!  I think I love this dish so much because of the delicate balance of sweet and heat - the pineapple briefly cools your mouth with sweetness while the pepper burn all the way down.  I also love the wonderful texture and nuttiness that the roasted cashews provide!  Goodness - I'm craving this right now!!

Food blogging on an empty stomach is never a good idea :(

Please please try Blue Orchid if you haven't already and when you go - I want to come with :) !!



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