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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

PRObiotics = Kefir

I don't know a lot about probiotics, but they are very very good for your digestive system.  I love kefir, you can buy it in a variety of flavors at HyVee or Trader Joes.  It is much more beneficial to drink kefir and ingest probiotics in this form than to buy the pills.  Kefir guarantees live strains of probiotics which is the goal - the pills do not.  There are many varieties of strains and kefir provides the most.  

I usually just buy a bottle and drink a glass a day until the bottle is gone.  Maybe it works, maybe it's in my head but my tummy always feels healthier after and my system seems more regular.  

I've heard rumors than you can buy cultured kefir that is water based ie: milk free and safe for those who have lactose issues.  I've never had any luck finding it but again I only shop at Hyvee and Trader Joes.  It might be best located at a more specialty health food store - but I trust it does exist.  

I'm a big kefir advocate and I love the taste of it - just try it!