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Monday, August 20, 2012

The French way to eat mussels...

*Mussels with Chorizo something (I can't remember) - but DELICIOUS.

On a recent trip to La Buvette with a dear friend, I was informed (by her) that I was eating my mussels wrong.  I will share this with you so you also know how to eat mussels correctly also.  :)

To preface: I usually only eat mussels at Blue Orchid, where I have chopsticks (which makes everything easier). 

Here's how the conversation went:

V: You are eating those like an American.
J: Am I doing it wrong? Should I not use a fork?
V: Yes, you should eat them like the French, always.
J: Ok, explain it to me. 

She scoots my bowl over to her side of the table, takes an empty shell in one hand. 

V: See, this one helps get the mussels out. (she uses the empty mussel shell like a pair of tongs - or chopsticks).  Dip Dip in the sauce.

Then eats the mussel out of the shell.

V: You understand?
J: Yes, that makes perfect sense.  I feel Parisian now. 
V: Well, you look better eating them.

(Then I start giggling uncontrollably.)