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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hotel Breakfast

I'm sure I've mentioned this before - but I LOVE breakfast.  I love it anytime of day and honestly could only eat breakfast foods the rest of my life!

Our hotel breakfast spot had the most incredible offerings - which included my favorite, the omelet bar!

The had a whole section of fresh made juices.  I tried cucumber/spinach juice - which was beyond refreshing, however I think it would be best with vodka :) and also green grape juice - super amazing.

This is my gigantic omelet!  They had all the toping arranged in a buffet style (sort of like Hu Hot) and you could just load up a big bowl with all the veggies you wanted.  I've never been a huge fan of egg yolks so I opted for their egg white omelet.  Very filling for a long day of museums, shopping, and walking!

They also had a crepe bar - this is what my mom had for "breakfast dessert."  I obviously did not indulge in this but I just thought it was pretty!

When traveling - it's a good idea to load up on breakfast just incase you have a hard time finding gluten free snacks during the day.  Always best to start the day full of eggs!!