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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween?

1). I suppose I should say "Happy Halloween."  This is not really one of my favorite holidays, it use to be when I was in grade school and high school - I loved it.  I think the slutty effects of the holiday through college got to me and now I just want it to be over...on to better holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.  I think most people go through this hating halloween stage in their lives and its usually college / post college until you have children of your own where you're forced once again to partake. 

2). I do actually have plans for this evening.  But I've tactfully built in a nice excuse not to go overboard or get crazy.  I donate blood every eight weeks, religiously (you should also), through the Nebraska Community Blood Bank (Lincoln) and I have an appointment early this morning to complete my 6th time in 2012 (for regular donors this is a big deal and involves a complimentary sweatshirt).  Sometimes it feels good to donate on holidays or special occasions, not that halloween really qualifies as a feel good holiday, but whatever - I'm taking it.  

3). The plans.  My friend Corinne and I are heading out to celebrate this evening.  Our main agenda is the Halloween celebration at Chipotle which involves discounted burritos.  I'm not sure this will count towards my order, as I only ever order the burrito bowl or salad.  Chipotle's regular burritos are made with flour tortillas.  I've never had a super bad experience eating gluten free at Chipotle, I just kindly ask them to change their gloves and have the same person help me all the way down the line - they are very nice and more than accommodating.  The catch - you have to be wearing a costume to receive the discount.  So naturally I had big plans for a simple, yet exceptionally nerdy Harry Potter costume.  However, the shipping was too far out and that plan fell through.  I'm going with my super easy back up of being a runner...too easy it barely counts.  After Chipotle we're heading over to Jake's in Benson for a drink or two.  (not for me!  I gave blood today and can hopefully head home early - plus I have a 7am meeting on Thursday morning).

Here are some tips for safely eating Halloween candy.

I hope your day is great!