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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Vanille Patisserie - Chicago

I searched and googled and urbanspooned until I found macarons in Chicago!  They are NOT easy to find because they take so much work to make - believe me, I've tried.  

Vanille Patisserie is a small pastry shop in the Chicago French Market - it was quite a hike over there, but completely worth it.  They had rows and rows of macarons!!  I chose rose, violet cassis, lavender, coconut, raspberry, green tea and lemon - my favorite.  

Macarons are mostly pure sugar, ground almonds, and a little flavoring - you can only eat a bite or two before you're feeling the sugar!!  I ate the lemon ones immediately.... and gave the coconut ones to my mom.  I tried fairly unsuccessfully to get them home on the plane - they were still delicious smashed up :)  The green tea ones were also especially delightful - well anything with matcha is delightful!!

I'm sure you're sick of my macaron posts - but I love them.  It's ridiculously hard to find places that make them which only makes me like them more.  They are special treats!!


PS - this is my last Chicago post :)  

Chicago French Market on Urbanspoon