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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wilderness Ridge

Honestly, I hadn't been to Wilderness Ridge in years until recently.  We (my family plus my fake brother and his fiancé) went to celebrate a late birthday and the holidays of course.  

I was running super late and showed up quite flustered.  However, driving up the entrance - I was quickly re-energized and immediately in the holiday spirit.  When I lived in Lincoln, I was very near Wilderness Ridge and their Christmas light display was always my absolute favorite - I had forgotten how very much I loved their lights.  Christmas lights are probably at the top of my "favorite" things list... very top.  I love Christmas lights tasteful and tacky - the more the better.  Wilderness Ridge does them exceptionally well.  Each evergreen tree lining the quarter mile driveway is fully decked in lights - a red tree, a blue tree, a green tree.  Very much on the tasteful side of extravagance.  When living in Lincoln, I would intentionally commute down Yankee Hill during the holidays just to brighten my day.  

Well the grounds of Wilderness Ridge are breath-taking, the interior of the lodge leaves a lot to be desired.  Maybe they should ask santa for a new interior decorator.  And a couple new waitstaff members.  

Service was not spectacular, however (speaking only for myself) my meal was absolutely delicious - and I don't even like salmon!  I do feel their menu was quite limited - I stared at it for a very long time (and not even in an indecisive mood) and had difficulty choosing a dish that I thought I might enjoy.  The salmon was really my only option.

I would not typically order salmon - but they didn't have any white fish on their menu.  It was served with the most delicious mascapone polenta and balsamic asparagus.  They seemed to be able to easily handle gluten free needs however, I'm not sure our waiter had any idea what I was talking about - I took the risk.  My Manhattan (pictured in the background - empty glass) was beautifully created and presented.

I have absurdly high standards when it comes to creme brûlée.  While this was delicious, it was average in the grand scheme of things.  The custard itself had beautiful texture and was on point - however it lacked true and pure vanilla flavor.  The bruleed top was all wrong - like they didn't even try.  

Overall, it was a wonderful evening with family and holiday spirit.  

Give it a go!

Enjoy :)


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