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Friday, January 18, 2013

Food Adventure Part 3 - BIG MAMA'S

I wasn't even hungry the next morning but we were dedicated to our adventure.  I had been wanting to try Big Mama's for a long time and I heard they had a huge gluten free menu!

We went for breakfast but will definitely be going back for dinner!

In case you didn't know what you were getting into!

This is a gluten free blog, not a health blog. 

YUM!  Love me some fried eggs

Fried eggs, hash browns, grits, and coffee = breakfast of champions.  If I could eat this everyday, I definitely would, I would also be fatter than my car.  But indulgence is allowed occasionally :)

Big Mama's = Big WIN.  

Check out their gluten free menu online.
Big Mama's Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Enjoy!  Enjoy this very much!