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Thursday, January 31, 2013

French Toast & Eggs

French toast and eggs is an easy weeknight dinner option!  If you have gluten free bread on hand.  

I used Udi's bread this time but in the past I've really really liked whole food's brand gluten free sandwich bread.  It's really only good for french toast - otherwise it's pretty awful.  However, I almost always have a loaf of Udi's on hand - which is great for everything bread related (and it freezes well!).

Without really measuring - I added 3 or 4 eggs to almond milk (or soy milk or real milk - whatever you have) until is was about this consistency.  I flavored it with a little vanilla, cardamon, and cinnamon.

Soak your bread for just a minute and then fry in a pan with a little butter. *I was surprised how well the almond milk worked - this was my first time really cooking with it.

I also decided to try making a fried egg.  It turned out pretty well even though I broke the yolk!