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Monday, January 28, 2013

Green Belly + Stupid People

I understand it's quite a challenge to train and educate staff people on every food allergy.  But if you're going to have a separate gluten free menu - the staff needs to understand the implications.

For example:  I went to Green Belly recently for lunch.  Seems easy enough because it's essentially a salad bar restaurant.  I saw they had a separate gluten free menu posted by the register so I was pretty excited.  I ordered CLEARLY off that specific menu, told her it was my first time being there, and also decided to mention - "no croutons" just in case.  Well my gluten free salad bowl arrived with a huge dinner roll plopped on top.  Thanks.  

I was on a business lunch so I refrained from exploding, casually placed the roll off to the side (pictured above) and ate my salad - which wasn't anything spectacular.  Then dealt with a massive stomach ache the rest of the day.  

Until the staff better understands "gluten free" - I will be avoiding this establishment.  

Gluten free is not a fad people - it's a serious medically induced diet.

I'm not Lady Gaga, I'm not gluten free to be popular.  I'm gluten free to save my life.

WARNING.  Not a great idea for GF lunching.


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