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Friday, January 11, 2013

Ingredient - One Pacific Place

Sorry, I've been busy and neglecting my blog this week.  Oops!

I went to lunch this week with a friend and we stopped in at Ingredient in One Pacific Place.  I'm not sure if I mentioned this previously but I've decided to go meat-free for the most part for the next year.  I've spent the last couple days making sure I can eat meat-free at all my favorite restaurants :).  I'm not doing this for any political reason and I'm not specifically going vegetarian and definitely not vegan (I don't have that kind of dedication - I also firmly believe in the Beef industry!).  I just find that meat is very hard on my digestive system and I'm giving my body a break for awhile.  This might not last as long as I think it will - sometimes all my will power is expended on being gluten free (which we all know is a struggle in an of itself).  However, reflecting back - I've been gluten free for almost 4.5 years, so I pretty much have those temptations under control.  


I ordered the caesar salad... with a grilled portabello mushroom.  I'm not a mushroom fan, it's something I'm working on but this was actually pretty delicious.  It tasted wonderful - it's the texture that was hard to deal with.  But I think it was a great meat-free option!

I always order a side of cottage cheese at Ingredient, I just love it.  Dairy is a very very hard indulgence to give up - I've tried and never last more than a day (actually to be honest, I've probably never lasted more than a few hours). 

Ingredient has quite a few gluten free options, but they aren't readily visible with a gluten free menu.  You need to do a little research ahead of time and know what will work for you.  



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