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Friday, January 4, 2013

New Years Resolutions?

I'm all for bettering yourself and I do believe in New Years resolutions.  I want to say that you should practice "bettering" yourself throughout the entire year - but for me personally I do need that one boost of annual resolve to get me started.  And I have direct proof:

2011 was my best year to date.  I set a "goal" of running a marathon.  Now that sounds great - you may think I was a runner and this was just a random goal, but I wasn't - I wasn't a runner one bit.  In high school I was always the last one to finish our annual dreaded mile run during PE and I hated every grueling minute of it.  I was never athletic, never really played sports - it just wasn't my thing.  Why did I set this goal after my two day NYE hangover?  I hadn't even been working out regularly.  Most people do couch to 5k... well I did couch to marathon in 6 months.  Pretty damn lofty goal.  But I did it.    I just knew I could because everyone else figured I couldn't and those are the best kind of goals - the ones that prove people wrong.  

2011 was the first year I set a substantial NY Resolution.  I wrote it down.  I told people about it.  I committed to it.  I paid money and signed up with a team (TEAM in Training with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society).  

Reflecting back, it really set the tone for my entire year - 2011 was one of the best years of my life to date.  I ran my first full marathon (26.2 miles), I ran three half marathons (13.1 miles), I was in the best physical fitness since birth, I met life-long friends through TEAM in Training, I raised money for a great cause, I was deeply involved in my community, I participated in Leadership Nebraska, I was really enjoying my job for the most part, I traveled extensively with friends and family, and I officially received my undergraduate degree (long story but a great personal accomplishment).  Also looking back I was in a really good place not only physically but mentally and emotionally.  

In 2012, I'm realizing that I did not set a New Years Resolution.  A couple things hit me right out of the gate.  I changed jobs.  I quickly realized I had gotten myself into a career I didn't enjoy.  I lost my running buddy (Her life took a wonderful turn into motherhood but took her out of the running game for an extended period of time*).  Training for a marathon alone, and hating my job, I realized my life was losing focus and direction.  I struggled through 26.2 miles at Lincoln in May and after quit running permanently.  I honestly believe that traumatic experience has frightened me from running ever since. Things were turning around though, I discovered my dream job - and jumped in head first.  However, giving too much has its downfalls also.  Working 70 hours a week takes it toll on one's social life and friendships. Dreams are short lived and one always wakes up eventually - sometimes very abruptly.  My position was eliminated the first week of December and I was devastated to say the least.  2012 was rough physically, mentally, and emotionally.  The entire year was literally a roller coaster of ups and downs unlike any year I've experienced.

I have spent the last couple weeks evaluating and reevaluating.  (I realize this post is getting long but bear with me).  Here is what I learned in 2012:

1).  Resolutions are important.  They set the tone for the entire year.
2).  It is ok to grieve the loss of your dream job, even if it means crying for days, it was your dream job - you deserve to be sad that it's gone.
3).  Running really is therapy.  I will start running again.
4). Being in a job you love is desperately important.  Being happy above all else is crucial however you find it.
5). Money isn't everything, yes that's clique, but it's true.  Being happy is everything
6).  True friends will call when they read in the paper that you got fired and ask if you need a drink
7). You won't die running a marathon - I proved that at Lincoln this year.  Even if you walk, it's finishing that counts.  You finish because you started.
8).  Blogging is really great - I'm so happy I started this.
9). I have an incredibly supportive family and group of friends
10). 2013 will be my year of redemption.

So here's to 2013!  This will be my year, this will be my year of redemption, I will conquer.  

My 2013 New Years Resolutions:  I am recommitting to my personal fitness first and foremost.  I've decided to do Crossfit, recommit to my yoga practice (for my physical being and my mental being) and I'm going to run three half marathons - Lincoln, Omaha, and St. Louis.  This is in writing now, it's published on the internet, it's set in stone - so I will accomplish. 

This is an inspirational / extreme book that I bought and read in Jan. 2011 and decided that if it kicked that year off right - I should obviously revisit it this week.  So I'm enjoying a cup of green tea at my favorite coffee shop and diving in.  

Happy New You! and Happy New Me!

<3 Jus

*I am in absolutely no way implicating my running buddy getting pregnant had anything to do with my downfall in 2012.  I love her dearly and we plan to run the St. Louis half marathon together in 2013.  She will always be my greatest inspiration as a woman, a friend, a runner, and now as a mother.