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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Green Gateau

Recently, my friend Hannah and I were having an in-depth conversation regarding eggs benedict.  This has always been one of her favorite breakfast options and I never really had any interest in the dish.  However, I've seen many food movies, books, and cooking shows feature this dish in many different ways and I was actually thinking "damn, I would really like to try that."  But I just assumed they were off limits because traditionally they are served 1) on top of an english muffin and 2) most places cheat and use flour to thicken their hollandaise sauce even though if made correctly it should not have flour!

When I was younger and had less refined tastes, I wasn't a very adventurous eater.  Now with Celiacs I find there are dishes I would really really love to try but will never know.  In some ways, I'm very happy I was diagnosed at age 21 and had years of wheat eating but I didn't utilize them to the best of my ability.  

Less than a week after our benedict conversation - another friend and I decided to have a quick breakfast date at Green Gateau.  I hadn't been there in quite a while and was very happy to discover they now have a full gluten free menu!  Yay!

*Guess what was on it?!  Eggs Benedict!

I didn't read the menu very well because I was just so excited, please note I did not eat the canadian bacon it was served on top of.  I've recently fallen in love with egg yolks - obviously the most delicious part.  It's been a long road - I usually don't even put them in scrambled eggs if I can avoid it.  But now oh man - they are amazing!! 

Soon I'm going to attempt poaching eggs at home, I've tried previously and failed miserably.  But now I have more motivation because I will actually eat the wonderful little pillows of eggy deliciousness.  I'm excited just thinking about it :)

Please note the hash browns are not on the gluten free menu - I took a risk and ordered them.  Lesson learned, they were definitely NOT gluten free and I dealt with my bad decision the rest of the day and most of Sunday.  How the hell do you get gluten in hash browns!!  UGH.  



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