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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentino's Pizza

Valentino's has pretty great gluten-free pizza.  

I remember hearing about their leap into the gluten free world when I use to attend CSA (celiac sprue association) support group meetings at the Hyvee on 84th & Holdredge (Lincoln).  I was super excited to head over to SouthPointe and get me some pizza - it had been almost two years since I had indulged. 

The girl at the counter didn't quite understand my excitement over a gluten free pizza - I was practically bouncing up and down while waiting the 20 minutes it took to cook.  I tried explaining how momentous this was for me - she was less than interested.  It didn't dim my excitement one bit.  I took the box out to my car and ate half of it before leaving the parking lot!

It still gets me excited today, four years later.  Oddly enough the last two times I've decided to order it, it's been pouring rain and I always feel bad for the delivery guys so I end up getting soaked and picking up the pizza myself.  In addition to the Val's at Southpoint in Lincoln - there are at least two Omaha locations which have gluten free pizza: 132nd ish & Center and 84th & Park.  They have pepperoni, hamburger, and cheese options available.  

You should go check it out - don't forget the superbowl is coming up!


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