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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cherry Berry Omaha

A number of Cherry Berry's opened in Omaha recently - this one at 87th & Pacific in Countryside Village.  They are your typical yogurt bar - I do like this one because it is sweeter and tastes a little more like ice cream.  A great way to indulge your sweet tooth.  You just have to use your brain when picking out flavors.  You obviously shouldn't have the red velvet cake flavor - stick to the safe flavors!

I really like that the topping are in their own separate canisters - this makes them even safer!  Some of the other yogurt bars have them all next to each other where they can spill over.  These canisters win big points with me!! 

I like lots of candy toppings on my vanilla yogurt but I did throw in a couple raspberries!

Overall - I really liked my experience here and would definitely go back!  

You should try it!

Enjoy :)

Cherry Berry Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon