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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Homemade Chipotle

So I had the brilliant idea of making homemade Chipotle.  Well... I'm not going to lie... it's a lot of work.  But it was fairly successful and very delicious.  It's definitely too much work for a one night dinner but I made it for a week of lunches!

I used rice I had on hand: a mix of regular white rice and wild rice cooked according to directions.  Then I added fresh cilantro and the juice of 3 or 4 limes.

I just used canned black beans, heated on the stove with fresh minced garlic and cumin.

The corn salsa is under neath - frozen corn brought to room temp with diced fresh jalapenos, cilantro, and lime juice.  I used purchased hot tomato salsa.

Instead of sour cream, I used plain greek yogurt with siracha stirred into it.

I bought my guacamole. (trader joes) - well everything in the recipe is from Trader Joe's.

I sauted sliced onions and green peppers in a little olive oil and seasoned with oregano. 

Pepper jack cheese to finish it off! -I ate this bowl for dinner.

The rest I dished into lunch portions for the rest of the week :)

If you're feeding a crowd this is totally worth the work - and to be honest this really took less than an hour so it wasn't that bad.  But I managed to get every pan in my kitchen dirty and I hate dinners that make that happen!! 

But I am excited to have chipotle for lunch this week and honestly I feel like my version might be just a little little bit healthier, but I have no idea :)