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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vegetable Biryani by Trader Joe's

I love all things Trader Joe's but this maybe the very best purchase ever!  

If you search recipes for Vegetable Biryani - each has about 50 ingredients which would be pretty expensive to collect, then another 2 hours to make the dish.  

Well at Trader Joe's you can get some of the best biryani I've ever tasted!  And the whole package is $2.29 - now that's a freakin great deal.  Each package is about 2 full meals.  

In the freezer section with the other indian options.

I like to dress mine up a bit - can't go wrong with a goat cheese medallion

I also toss in some cashews!  I love the crunch.

You should certainly give this a try!  It's perfect for a quick dinner or lunch.