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Friday, March 29, 2013

High Five for Friday!!

I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!!

1). I helped out at our Kiwanis French Toast Feed last Sunday.  I helped make the scrambled eggs and the batter for the french toast!  I was able to stay gluten free the entire morning!
2). Later on Sunday, Corinne and I went thrifiting.  This was a total score - only $20
3).  I'm sure you noticed - but I got a blog design update!  I couldn't be more happier with the new look and it's all thanks to Lauren Albrecht!  Check out her blog :)  I love making new bloggie friends.
4). Wally and Kevin are finally friends....well as much as they can be.
5). Thursday evening, I had the opportunity to attend Theaster Gates' lecture - I believe in Places.  It was moving and got me all fired up about community activism.  Hesse McGraw and The Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts helped bring Theaster to Omaha for the Carver Bank Project.

How was your week?!  Tell me all about it :)


Have a wonderful weekend :)