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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Homemade Crispos! (Guest Blog!)

Hi. I’m Justine’s friend Hannah. I have been addicted to Amigo’s since approximately 1990. Around the same time I came to appreciate the subtle culinary nuances of the Bandito meal, my little sister Lily, this blog’s namesake, came into existence. She was diagnosed as gluten intolerant around her birthday in December 2011.

Most concerning to me, obviously, is her inability to enjoy Amigo’s with me. I was messing around in the kitchen one night and figured out a gluten-free way to re-create the cornerstone of any nutritious Bandito meal, Crispos.

Crispos are simply tortilla chips doused in delicious sugar and cinnamon. Amigo’s makes theirs with flour tortilla chips. I make my chips at home from corn tortillas, so they can pick up the sugar and cinnamon while they are still hot.

I thought of it while using up some dried out old corn tortillas to make fresh tortilla chips to go with chili I was making.

They pair nicely with nearly any flavor of ice cream; you can add chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and/or berries.

Here is a photo demonstration on making Crispos -

Use left over corn tortillas - its better if they are a little dried out.

Cut the rounds into about 6 pieces.

Heat about 1/2 to 1 inch of vegetable oil in a pan on medium high.

Get a pan ready for the tortillas when the come out of the oil.  Cover a baking or roasting rack with a few paper towels.

Once the oil is hot - add in a couple pieces at a time.  Cook on both sides until they are nice and golden brown.  Each batch only take a minute or so.

Lay them out on the paper towel to drain.

Keep going until all of the tortilla pieces are fried

Put them in a large bowl with a good amount of sugar and cinnamon.  Then toss to coat!  It helps the sugar stick better if they are still slightly warm - so you might want to do this in batches also.

Yum!  Enjoy these treats.

*Justine - sometimes even if food is completely gluten free and free from contamination, I can still get quite the stomach ache.  I have no medical background to exactly explain this phenomenon but I believe it's because I never eat fried food so just the excess of fat all of the sudden sometimes makes my stomach ache.  I also think it's because they (asshole doctors) randomly took out my gall bladder when they were trying to figure out what was wrong with me - your gall bladder has something to do with how fat is transferred out of your stomach and redistributed through your system.  Mine is all messed up.  Anyways, what I'm getting at - these are delicious and should be enjoyed occasionally :)

I hope you try these!

-Hannah & Justine