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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Jackson Street Tavern - Omaha

Renee and I met up recently for a long needed friend dinner, we had absent mindedly let things go far too long!  I suggested we try the Jackson Street Tavern in the Old Market.  I saw on Urbanspoon that it was listed as a gluten free restaurant so I added it to my list of places to check out.  We were in for a surprise!  I was honestly expecting your typical bar far - nothing out of the ordinary or anything to write home about.  

I was certainly wrong.  The Jackson Street Tavern is far from bar food.  This is a beautiful restaurant with a top notch chef - who's name I cannot find anywhere (I apology he definitely deserves credit).

They have an enormous gluten free menu - which always gets big points with me, any place that takes the effort to create a separate menu and educate their staff wins in my book!

I have to admit, I've never had french onion soup before.  "pre-celiacs" this just wasn't something I would ever eat, but now my palate has grown and become more refined - unfortunately now many things I would want to try are off limits.  I was excited to see this on the gluten free menu!  It lived up to every expectation I could imagine - it was richly flavored with a deeply colored broth, the onions were silky and perfect, and the cheese was just heavenly.  I could just lie down and swim around in this bowl of onion bliss.

Of course I went for the burger option because it just doesn't appear often for me and I do miss them greatly.  I just ordered the basic cheese burger with pepper jack and really don't have anything bad to say about it - perfectly cooked and flavored.  Everything you could want in a bunless burger!  Also the fries were nice and crispy - just how I like them.

I'm a HUGE creme brulee snob.  I was hesitant to try this White Chocolate Creme Brulee because I'm a purist and really only love traditional creme brulee.  This surpassed all expectations.  The custard was literally flawless, and I'm super picky about the texture.  The flavor was subtle and clean, but it's the texture for me - it really was perfect.  However, the brulee topping could use some adjustment.  It was barely memorable but the custard truly made up for it.  If they nail the topping, this might actually beat my #1 Creme Brulee experience of all time - at the Walnut Room in the Marshall Fields building (Chicago).  It's a hard standard to beat.  

You should definitely stop by and feast out at the Jackson Street Tavern.  The waitstaff was also incredibly attentive, educated, and friendly.  The restaurant is quaint and warm, perfect for conversation.  I can't wait til this summer to sit out on the patio!


Jackson Street Tavern on Urbanspoon