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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For Boston

This event has shaken my faith in humanity once again.  My heart goes out to the running community, Boston Marathoners, and all the running fans and supporters.  

*my very first run

*Lincoln half marathon 2011

*Our first 17 miler, in the dark - just the two of us and Coach Dan

*Jill and I the morning of our first full marathon

*TEAM in Training San Diego Marathon team 2011

*St. Louis Rock & Roll half marathon 2011

*Lincoln Marathon 2012

For me, I started running in January of 2011 - couch to marathon pretty much.  I'm not fast but I fell in love with running.  Even after that very first run, I started dreaming of Boston.  No matter your speed or ability - there comes a time when you start to believe in Boston - if you could just train hard enough, just get to that qualifying moment. I've been thinking about it for years now.  Boston has always been my goal.

Boston has been shattered.  The most historic road race of all - a grueling 26.2 miles of endurance, physical agility, and mental fortitude - an accomplishment of a life time.  This is now a place of fear and terror.

I still want to run Boston, it's still on my life to do list.  And I think I want it more now.  To fight the fear and come together with the running community and show our strength.  

Pray for Boston

Pray for the Marathon