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Thursday, April 18, 2013

GFAF Expo part FOUR

Still thinking back, I cannot believe how many companies are doing dedicated gluten free products!  It just makes me so appreciative, not that we NEED gluten free bread - we can certainly be naturally gluten free but it's so nice to know there are companies looking out for our wants.

San-J is one brand you can't live without.  Personally, I am incredibly over the top sensitive to soy sauce - directly or by cross-contamination.  This is a huge hurdle for me as I desperately love all Asian cuisines.  San-J makes an awesome line of gluten free sauces ranging from basic gluten free soy sauce (and a lite version) to their wonderfully spicy szechuan sauce.  I am very partial to the Thai peanut sauce also but had the opportunity at the expo to try all their flavors!  I am really in love with the sweet & tangy - it would be delicious poured right over rice or with some pineapple chunks & veggies.  YUM.  I'm hungry just thinking about all the possibilities!!   

I don't know if I've ever tried a Glutenfreeda product before - and I wasn't able to at the expo because we stopped by their booth last and missed out on the samples.  However, I'm excited to try this new pocket sandwich rolling out in June 2013.  I was never a fan of hot pockets or anything but it's nice to have a stock of some foods to grab for a quick lunch or on-the-go dinner.  That's just not an easy feat in the gluten free world.  I'll be watching store shelves for these babies!

Did I mention the beer?!  New Planet out of Colorado is producing some of the absolute best gluten free beer on the market.  If you haven't seen this in stores yet - make sure to ask for it.  After all we're heading straight into summer - prime beer drinking time!

Here's a bit more about New Planet (excerpt from their website):

Everyone should be able to enjoy a great beer. When our founder, Pedro Gonzalez, first discovered he was Celiac, he thought his craft beer drinking days were over. What started as a personal quest quickly turned into the launch of New Planet – a business founded on brewing great tasting gluten-free beer that is crafted for you.
New Planet represents a new frontier in gluten-free beer. It’s unlike most gluten-free beers that are available today. Unrivaled in flavor, quality, taste and care…everything a crafted beer should be.
The brand is grounded on what’s good for the earth and for the individual, and is about discovering something better. That’s why New Planet is dedicated to donating a portion of their proceeds to help make the planet better for all of us.

Current Programs

For the past 3 years, New Planet Beer has chosen to support Wildlands Trail Restoration Volunteers.
  • 2010 Recipient: Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, Betasso Preserve Trails
  • 2011 Recipient: Wildlands Restoration Volunteers, Red Rocks Trails
  • 2012 Recipient: Wildands Restoration Volunteers, High Park Fire Restoration

Our Mission

  • Our purpose is to help everyone celebrate life with a great tasting beer and to do good things for the planet.
  • Our guaranteed gluten-free beers are locally crafted from brewers who bring you great quality and flavor found in small batches.
  • We’re a Colorado based, family and friend owned and operated company and we donate a portion of the proceeds to help our planet.