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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

GFAF Expo part THREE - Udi's

Udi's is top dog when it comes to gluten free products.  The second I found their sandwich bread, I knew I was going to be just fine - it's absolutely delicious.  The first gf bread you can actually eat plain and use for sandwiches but also delicious toasted, made into french toast, and bread pudding. (an unbelievable feat in the gf world). 

I was pretty excited to see some of their other options out at the expo.  Sometimes I refuse to try something gf because I've been burned before with terrible products and high prices.  I know that wasn't necessarily a concern with Udi's but I was still hesitant when I saw these cookies (below) at the store. 

I've honestly never seen/noticed this pizza at HyVee before, I'm sure they carry it (you can always ask) but I have just given up on gf frozen pizza.  OOOOoooooh goodness this pizza was delicious.  Great balance of cheese, topping, sauce, and a perfectly crispy crust.  I mean this in an absolutely good way... it reminds me of the tostinos pizza we would inhale in high school and college.  But more sophisticated of course and definitely not $0.99 per pizza :)  But hey, we're close - it's the experience and the memory we're going for with pizza!

I hate to admit this, but we went back to this booth at least 3 times just to keep eating the pizza slices.  I should have just asked the lady for a whole one!  I'm excited to check out my HyVee soon and see if I can get my hands on one of these incredible pies!

Now I've seen these cookies/brownie bites before but haven't tried them (HyVee and Whole Foods).  I'm so grateful for an opportunity like the GFAF Expo to be able to try new (new for me & really new) products.  I was blown away by the snickerdoodle cookies!  They were unexpectedly extremely soft - softer than Eileen's Cookies (if you're from around Omaha/Lincoln) and better than your grandmother makes.  These were probably my top pick of the expo and I'm kicking myself for never trying them sooner.  I should have known Udi's only makes the best products!! 

If you visit Udi's website, you'll see a huge variety of gluten free baked goods both sweet & savory.  I give you my personal testament - have no fear, they will be DELICIOUS and most likely better than the glutened version!