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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gluten Free Tips for Kids!

Gluten Free Tips For Kids

Thursday 11th April 2013
Catering for kids on a gluten-free diet can be tricky, so we asked our Facebook community for their top tips. Here are the top 30 tips for kids on a gluten-free diet, we hope they help and feel free to add your own to the comments section below. 
  1. Cooking fresh and if you need to make something with flour there are now gluten free flours out there I have to be careful even when buying gluten free food as sunflower oil is a problem rice bran oil is fab though
  2. Chilli and rice is my little girl's favourite
  3. M&S for sausages and burgers-they even seem to be stocking cocktail sausages all year round now  In terms of cakes, take a 'normal' recipe and use gluten-free flour instead of self-raising/plain (add extra tsp of baking powder to cakes) and they generally work. Get children involved in the cooking/planning of meals too!
  4. My 2 years old daughter is on very healthy diet. I'm always cooking for her, lots of vegetable, fruit, gluten-free bread, pasta, rice and instead of sweets she eats dried fruit and some biscuits from abroad. I haven’t tried baking some cake or biscuit for her yet. She is going to be 3 in June and I would love to surprise her with some cake. Can someone recommend some recipe? Thanks
  5. I cook everything I've always cooked I just do it gluten free now! Think with kids simple is best and get them involved if they help cook it their more likely to eat it
  6. I would recommend the gluten free cook book for kids by Adriana Rabbinovich to anyone with a newly diagnosed child! She says her recipes aren't designed to use prescription blend flour but I use Barkat flour and it works fine
  7. I now use Thai rice noodles instead of the gluten free variety that are available in shops down the Free From aisles. More like the pasta than the Free From variety and cheaper.
  8. My daughter is nearly eight but diagnosed when she was 14 months. I have loads of cook books here but one that is absolutely amazing is 'Phil Vickery's- Gluten Free Baking' - wow....his recipes taste out of this word! And so easy too!
  9. Chicken nuggets-chicken breast dipped in egg then coated in crunched gluten-free cornflakes & little bit of potato flour to help coating stick then deep fry for few minutes-delicious & kids love them xx
  10. In most bookshops you can find gluten free cookbooks, there are also recipes available online. Using specially adapted recipes may be easier if you are not accustomed to baking with gluten free flour.
  11. If you wish to make a cake that doesn't use gluten free flour, you can make a chocolate Swiss roll/Yule log:
  12. Gluten free spaghetti and hot dog sausages. Some brands of hot dog sausages are gluten free and some are not, ALDI and Sainsbury's sell gluten free ones, just check the label. Chop up sausages in to about 1 inch long sections then carefully push the uncooked spaghetti through the middle of sausage; probably about 6-8 pieces of spaghetti per sausage section then cook spaghetti as normal. When it's cooked your kids will wonder how you got the spaghetti through the sausage. My eldest daughter has coeliac disease and absolutely scoffed this and has said it's her favourite meal
  13. DS ready to roll pastry is good as is the Glutafin pastry mix which you might still be able to get on prescription. I really like the Glutafin white flour mix, also on prescription if you are lucky. The sponge cake recipe on the box is the best I've found and makes lovely cakes without having to overdo the baking power. Simple homemade tomato or cheese sauces are also a winner in our house with gluten-free pasta or spaghetti.
  14. I recommend feeding kids REAL food. We start them off with fruits and veggies and they love it. We as a country really need to look at what is going into our food. We have become a culture of quick in everything we do. Let’s back to the basics and cook from scratch. When cooking we have more control over what we feed our children and we can keep them safe from cross contamination of wheat. When eating out follow the same idea of eating real food that is fresh made and not fried. As for a picky eater...Get her involved in picking her own foods and have her help make then meals. Even if she is little giving her a bit of control might help.
  15. I've never had much success with specific GF free baking recipes, I use the recipes I've always used and use GF self raising flour, with extra GF baking powder and a touch of xanthium gum to bind. My son is GF and dairy free, and I bake the same for all of us, my friends do not know the difference!
  16. Buy the original brown bread and turn it into bread cut chicken into strips, dip in egg and then bread crumbs and bake in oven yum yum.
  17. Take a card or info sheet everywhere and let others know in advance always take a treat our two in bag or car as well to avoid disappointment. Also with cake /goodie bag give advice etc to others or get some bits yourself give to host to put in bash like others.
  18. Party foods! Cheese wrapped in ham on a cocktail stick with grapes, pineapple. Chicken legs. Nachos and salsa. Fruit kebabs. Gluten-free bread sticks coated in chocolate. Rice crackers with cheese. Crudit├ęs with dips. Anything that doesn’t single them out at their celebration. Any other ideas appreciated
  19. I do buffet food that is all gluten free as well. No difference! Cheese and pineapple, gluten-free sausages on sticks, gluten-free bread sticks and pepper strips with dips, gluten-free chicken nuggets, gluten-free pizzas, chocolate fountains with fruit go down well (messy though), bowl of salad, rice salad, cheese and onion potatoes ( Half a baked potato, scoop out the potato, then mash with cheese and onion, put back into the skin, pop into the oven so the skin goes crispy, yum), loads of cakes you can make for gluten free parties. And as someone mentioned nachos.... delicious! Who needs gluten anyway????
  20. I have been Coeliac for 44 years and my mum was given gluten free flour and left to get on with it. It's great to see what massive progress has been made so that today's children don't miss out
  21. Due to gut problems my son went gluten-free for 6 months. I simply used gluten-free flour in all my regular baking recipes and nobody noticed the difference. Didn't manage to crack bread though!
  22. I totally recommend Slice of Heaven Gluten Free Cakery! My little Coeliac turns 10 today but is away on a school residential all week. I ordered some mine craft themed cakes (70!!) for her and all her friends. I know some will shoot me down and moan about the cost but sometimes it's worth the extra for our children to have normal things.
  23. Homemade gluten-free potato scones, my son loves them
  24. I gave the teacher a gluten-free treat box to keep in Classroom just for those times when kids hand out birthday treats. It seems to be weekly in preps! Now she doesn't miss out.
  25. Hi I used to have to make a meal and hand in to school for my daughter as she wasn’t too keen on packed lunch, then I spoke to the school and just supplied what she liked to eat and they cooked it.
  26. Roll ups - turkey or any thinly sliced meat with cheese rolled up. Or wrap the whole thing in lettuce leaf like a burrito
  27. Re lunches chopped raw veg and hummus, salads with a fork, chicken bits mixed with rice, cold meat/ sausages- think finger food 
  28. Have you asked the school about school dinners? I live in Hampshire and we have a wheat and gluten free menu. Very often my daughter has the same meal as everyone. She has school dinners 5 days a week in the winter and 3 days a week in the summer so she can eat on the fields with her friends. She often takes a dietary special sausage roll or cold pizza leftover from tea the night before!
  29. Our 12 year old can make the nicest gluten-free jam buns & gluten-free scones. She's annoyed that her gluten-free food bought from shop is still more expensive than gluten equivalent so she's taking matters into her own hands (with a little help)
  30. Pancakes - savoury or sweet!! Lush! Can eat them cold in packed lunches/picnics with your favourite filling. There are gluten free tortilla wraps around - which my daughter (aged 7 yrs) loves - can put a bit of sour cream on, tuna, cucumber, scallions.