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Friday, April 12, 2013

H54F !!

Happy Friday!!  I'm linking up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!

First of all - I've had a pretty fantastic week :)

1). Monday I had lunch with three of my absolute favorite people - and La Buvette never disappoints either.  Their lives will always be more interesting than mine and I just can't get enough of them... the stories, the insight, the history, and the art!
2). This is half, yes just half of my loot from the GFAF Expo laid out on my coffee table.  I promise I'll be posting more about the expo next week.
3). The City of Omaha, in collaboration with the Downtown Improvement District, is working on a wayfinding project - something I feel very passionately about.  I'm trying not to be critical of these signs, but first and foremost notice their height off the ground (yes the photo is tricky to grasp this) clearly indicating these are not pedestrian level signs.  These signs are meant for traffic - of the vehicular nature, not for walkers. Good things will come... but they come slowly and with bureaucracy. 
4). I got a little R&R in at the Mill recently.  Sunshine, coffee, people watching, and a new gluten free cookie line - I couldn't be happier!!
5). My table top garden is coming along nicely.  I had almost given up on the herbs and was close to dumping them when they finally sprouted!  
Bonus pic: This was a pretty monumental moment for me... This was my first run since May 6th, 2012. And even more so - I did four miles ALONE...all by myself and no mental breakdown, negative thoughts, or self-depricating comments.  I did it!  I have never felt more accomplished after a run... I have never ran alone (well) before - I've always had a running partner so this was awesome for me.  Unfortunately the weather here has been terrible since Monday so I haven't gotten back out - ready for Saturday morning!

I hope you had a wonderful week!  

Tell me all about it :)