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Friday, April 19, 2013


Happy FRIDAY everyone!!  I'm linking up with Lauren again for H54F!

Here's my week in photo review :)
1: Aroma's down in the old market is just my favorite coffee shop in Omaha - and it's mostly because of all the wonderful people they have there!  Sharon made this beautiful chai latte for me and it completely made my day!! :)
2: Went bowling for a bachelorette party last Saturday night - and I had a blast.  I'm a terrible bowler and don't really enjoy it but this was a chance to meet some new people and just let loose!  Also I somehow ended up with two left shoes (I didn't take the effort to correct it) which I think actually helped my game a bit - I managed to break 71 for my score.
3: Tuesday was national eggs benedict day (in case you hadn't heard) so my friend Hannah stopped by and we teamed up to make a delicious meal - more about this next week - but OH GOODNESS that hollandaise sauce was mind blowing!!
4: I enjoy cross word puzzles more but I decided to challenge myself with a little sudoku to get my brain going.  Well I didn't manage to get too far...I will admit this was a Friday one (in the world herald they get harder throughout the week) - Sometimes I can get a Monday or Tuesday one completed.  Maybe I'll start working harder on these :)

5:  I'm participating in my 5th American Cancer Society Relay for Life on May 17th in honor of my father who survived his battle with cancer.  I would love for you to help me with my fundraising goal to support the American Cancer Society and their mission. 

$5 dollar Friday!  Every little bit helps :)

Thank you deeply in advance. 

I hope you had a great week!  Tell me all about it :)