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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Another week of fitness has come and gone...

It wasn't spectacular... but both Wendy and I had great excuses.  We both had dates this week, unfortunately we didn't tell each other head of time nor did they happen to fall on the same day during the week!  Sooo....We ran on Monday, which was great and we're both making progress towards our own personal goals.  However the rest of the week, at least for me - was spent being super productive in non-fitness related ways. 

On Wednesday, I received some fantastics news!!  My running buddy Jill is back in action and all signed up for the KC Half Marathon on October 19th.  Of course, I prompted signed up also - so we are all set to start training!! This was the real motivation I needed!  

This morning as I was laying in bed - looking at pinterest as I often do, I came across a quote I find very relatable. 

"Believe in your running goals and you're half way there."

Here's our schedule!  We're starting Monday :) 

This is a very basic schedule which we will tweak along the way to incorporate hills and speed work.  This is just "miles on your feet" guidelines.  Also our training will be quite different this time around and will probably involve much more neighborhood running as opposed to the Lake trails....we'll just have to see how my ankles enjoy concrete!  

I'm so excited!  I have a running buddy, we have a half marathon, and we have a plan!!

It's going to be a great summer!

Always, J