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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blog Everyday in May 05022013

prompt-educate on something you're really good at:

This is difficult for me because sometimes my own mental negativity gets in the way....I feel I’m good at a whole bunch of things but I’m not really GREAT at anything.  I know this is playing the blame game but sometimes I feel my parents were too great at being parents.... I was always told, you’re amazing, you can do anything, sure try this - piano, cooking classes, dance - anything I wanted to try - I was able to.... but I was never forced to stick with anything.  I am grateful for having amazing parents and for being able to participate in all the awesome activities I did as a child (don’t get me wrong here!!).  So I know how to do a LOT of stuff, but I’m not great at anything.... not really.  I did clogging, piano, soccer, scrapbooking, sewing, quilting, stamping, dance, cooking, all sorts of crafting, origami, chess....I have a basic skill level at all sorts of shit.  But I don’t really excel, like really EXCEL at anything except at maybe bull shit, or talking my way out of things, or procrastinating (mastered that one in college), or facebook (also college), reading (more of a personal hobby).... so I kept thinking more along the lines of passions instead of hobbies or skills.

And then I realized... I am absolutely best at volunteering.  I’ve tried to deny this before, actually my 2013 new years resolution was to start saying “no” more because I was starting to get burned out.  It took me a long time to realize that I was different from the average person - I feel this deep innate desire to give back, and I can’t control it.  It took me quite a bit of self actualization and analyzation to understand this and to also accept that it’s ok that other people do not feel this way.  I think it’s important at some level - even in the smallest way to give back, just a little and it’s so easy to do.  Volunteering not only helps other, but it can do wonders for your own state of well being - its been proven to make you happier because you’re helping people!  Everyone can find a hour of their time to give to others and there are many organizations of all varieties looking for help.  

First, identify your passion - do you like gardening, children, do you have a skill to offer such as literacy training, accounting, labor skill such as building or yard work?  Make a list of things you like to do in your spare time then start to look for organizations that match up.  For instance if you really like reading - maybe you could read to children at a school for a hour every other week. Or you could work with a literacy program for English Language Learners if you’re looking for something a little more intensive.  If you’re pretty handy around the house maybe there’s an organization in your community that helps the elderly with yard work or basic household repairs on a certain Saturday each spring.  If gardening is more your passion - maybe there is a local gardening club or community garden close by, if not you could certainly start one!  There are so many options out there - sometimes it just takes a little research.  Volunteering is awesome and it’s valuable, rewarding, and most importantly helpful.  

J ♥