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Friday, May 3, 2013

Blog Everyday in May 05032013

prompt-things that make you uncomfortable:

a list seems fitting

-flip flops, I hate them
-the confusion between gluten free and vegan (wtf?)
-having to make coffee because I'm a woman or because I'm good at it
-leaving voicemails
-un-due conflict
-riding in the backseat of a car
-my favorite black skirt, currently unbreathably tight
-being late, even by a minute
-anything over about 68 degrees
-tapioca pudding
-fluorescent lighting in dressing rooms
-being criticized in front of other people
-being in very large crowds
-library books
-unattended children
-renting designer bags
-every show on MTV

Do you feel uncomfortable yet?  ugh, I do! :)