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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Everyday in May 05052013

prompt-publicly profess you love for one of your favorite blogger friends:

My favorite blogger friends, is also a dear and sweet friend in real life, which I realize is quite rare - the wonderful and talented Blondie @ Tales from Clark Street.  We were connected through a mutual friend and mentor who knew we needed each other.  Our painting mentor, Jean Mason had met both of us separately and decided we must meet - so she set a plan in motion to connect us together.  It was friends at first sight!  

I know Blondie was nervous at first to share her blog with me because we were new friends and her blog is very intimate - she blogs opening about her life, her struggles with positive mental health, her relationships, her career, pretty much an open book really - and she didn't know how I would react.  But she took the risk and I am thankful because her blog is beautifully relatable, it helped me realize things about myself, analyze some of my own issues, started my own process of understanding and acceptance, and most importantly made me feel less alone.  Probably without her direct knowledge at first, I really began to feel like she was the older sister I never had, someone I could go to for advice, and someone I deeply trusted. 

We began to chat more and hangout for dinner and coffee dates - we found mutual hobbies and things to enjoy together.  Now I consider her a very dear friend even though we do have vast differences -  I think thats just another thing that brings us closer, we always have things to chat about!  She's also deeply inspired me as a blogger - I call her my bloggie guru :)  She's helped me open up and be more personal on my blog and to be more relatable - she's helped me really love blogging and realize how cathartic and relieving it can be.  

I always look forward to email from her, time spent with her, and reading her blog each day for inspiration, joy, and always a little humor.  I'm even learning about miniatures!  It's a favorite hobby of Blondie's and something I never knew anything about - I love learning new things, and that's something I can always count on Blondie for :)  She's the absolute best!! 

I am publicly professing my love for Tales from Clark Street!! 

Love you Blondie!!

Also I have to give a shout out to my new bloggie friend Erika at All Things E - I just think she's amazing and a wonderful inspiration!! 

Always, J