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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blog Everyday in May 05072013

prompt-most afraid of:

I have some pretty deep unsettling fears, but in the interest of keeping my sanity this week and stay in the positive - I can't write about them right now.  So I'll just explain some of my other fears which are just as unsettling but maybe more commonly known as phobias (untitled and undiagnosed phobias because I'm probably the only person who has them).

I have a weird and disturbing fear of getting my fingers stuck in a bowling ball (there I said it!).  So when I go bowling I try and find the ball with the largest finger holes - usually what seems like a 30 pound ball - needless to say, I'm a horrendous bowler.  I break 70 on a good day. 

I have a fear of plugging things into outlets - I'll admit this fear had subsided slightly since I now live alone and do have to function on a daily basis which means using a hair dryer, toaster, juicer, and other various electrical appliances.  I'm just scared of low voltage shocks - come on, who isn't?  I remember the exact day this fear began - I was in fifth grade, we had the meanest teacher (to a fifth grader mind you) she got one hell of a shock plugging in the overhead projector (late 90s) one morning and we had a sub the rest of the week. It was one of those horribly funny yet terrifying moments I will never, ever forget.  I think I remember her hair standing straight up in the air and her just shrieking!! 

I'm afraid of getting injuries un-related to whatever activity I'm doing.  For instance, as a runner - I'm mostly afraid of falling on my face and breaking my nose.  Most people would be afraid of a more running related injury such as a knee injury or foot related injury.  All the stars could align and I would still be more likely break my nose, get a concussion, or rupture an ear drum - while running than any other sort of injury.  It's just my luck... so I'm afraid of the explanation portion of the injury after the fact.  Yes, I sure as hell did rupture my ear drum while running... I'm that girl. 

I'm afraid of sleeping without my baby blanket.  Yes, I'm almost 26 and I sleep with a blanket.  I have traveled all over the world with it and have never. ever. once. slept one night without it.  You think you have issues, nope sorry, I win this one.  :) 

I hope you're giggling by now... Enjoy your day!

Always, J ♥