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Friday, May 10, 2013

Blog Everyday in May 05102013

prompt-most embarrassing moment:

I do have some embarrassing moments, but let's be honest - we really don't know each other that well so I can't tell you unless you were lucky enough to actually witness some of them.  

However, I will share some of my embarrassing habits, odd quirks if you will...and yes, even I find them slightly embarrassing to publicly admit:

-I like sleeping with socks on all year long
-I say "goodbye" to my cat (out loud) every time I leave my apartment (even he thinks it's weird)
-I make my bed everyday (well...pull the covers up and put the pillows back on)
-I can eat an entire container of cottage cheese (the big one) without even blinking
-I like the way my shoes smell
-I can go months without washing my coffee cup
-I put a lot of thought into gift giving and gift wrapping, sometimes I get caught up in the whole thing - mostly the wrapping and how I think the presentation should look in my head... then I end up running out of time and don't get the gift...sometimes days, even months late.  (I'm working on this!)

Well, this is getting awkward and I'm not really sure how to wrap this up... 

I hope you have a wonderful Friday :)

Always, J ♥