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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blog Everyday in May 05192013

prompt-five of your fav blogs and what you love about them:

This was the very first blog I was really introduced to - and she is responsible for my entire knowledge of "hair doing."  Thanks to her, I actually look respectable on a daily basis and receive true compliments on my hair now.  *She has absolutely no idea who I am even though I consider us friends (only because I read her blog daily).  If you don't currently read her blog, you really should - it's an amazing hair, fashion and lifestyle blog.  Recently she has gotten more personal - sharing some information about herself and her husband, they are struggling with infertility issues (my heart goes out to her because she would be an incredible mother, again I honestly do not know her - but I feel like I do, that's just how the blogging community works!).  

Erika @ all things e

This is a newer blog that I've been following but I really enjoy Erika's point of view on life and she's just fantastic!  I got up the nerve awhile back to send her and email to share with her how much I love her blog - I honestly think we would be friends in real life, which I know is weird - but dude, totally true!  We sort of have oddly parallel lives, she works in marketing and social media just like me and she's getting into running while I'm fighting to get back to it.  You should check her out! 

I found this blog through Erika - this is the blog I'm doing the blog-everyday-in-may challenge through.  I honestly had never come across this blog before but of course now I've read through a ton of her blog history and I've really fallen in blog love with her.  I'm not going to lie - she has a very similar blog story to most of the bloggers out there - she's gorgeous, she's a photographer, young, married to an extremely attractive man-hunk, and seems to have an unlimited amount of time to do all the wonderful things I want to be doing.  So of course I am extremely jealous of her - and she has a BEAUTIFUL blog.  But I love her!  She is another blog you should really add to your reading list.

This is a very practical blog that I read daily.  I think I originally came across this on twitter quite awhile ago. It started out as a way for me to become a better writer and now is very applicable to my job.  My favorite section is "the writer files" where they highlight different writers each week and do interviews with them from all aspects of their careers from style, how much they write each day, to what inspires them.  This blog also covers very applicable information about SEO, target marketing, and social media marketing.  

Jenny @ the bloggess

The bloggess is just a funny blog that I read daily - or when she feels like posting daily.  She writes the funniest shit I've ever read, and let's be honest most of us are probably thinking it.  If you have some free time, are just a little bored, or need a belly-aching laugh - stop on over at the bloggess.  I just can't get enough of her - she cracks me up.  I found Jenny through my friend Blondie @ tales from clark street - my real life blogger friend. 

I really don't have too many blogs that I absolutely love - I read quite a few every day, and have quite a few in my feedly.  These listed are the ones that I have come to love, whether recently or have for a long time - I wait for their posts to show up, and am curious about the stuff they share, and they add value for me.  Surprisingly, though I write a food blog -and a gluten free food blog at that - it's hard to find food blogger who are friendly / lifestyle / and relatable without being overwhelmed with ads.  I think thats why I tend to stay away from them and just get my cooking ideas from books.  

Anyways - this post is too long! 

Happy Sunday!

Always, J