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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blog Everyday in May 05232013

prompt-things you've learned that school won't teach you:

I don't think there was much I learned in school that is even remotely relevant in my every day life today.  I mean I'm happy I went every day for twelve years of my life followed by four more years of college, but did I learn anything?  I don't know.  Most of what I'm really good at, I learned on my own - because I was passionate about it - and that's why I'm really good at it! 

But here's a couple lessons I learned the hard way, and I wish they would have mentioned it along the way, or maybe they did and I just wasn't paying attention.

One:: Credit cards.  I had to learn this lesson twice.  The hard way.  This could just be me, but I can't handle them - in my mind, this is free cash!  But no, it doesn't work that way.  Credit cards are a terrible thing to be given to a college student who a) makes very little money b) is still pretty irresponsible c) has very little spendable income so this seems like a great idea.... credit card companies are just as stupid as the kids they give the cards to.  Anyways, I racked up a bunch of debt - had to go crawling to my parents to bail me out, which thank god they did.  Oh and then I did it again, because it was two years later and I thought I could handle it again - a little purchase here, a little there... nope, I was back in the exact same situation I was before because I'm fucking irresponsible - and I'm almost 26! but I'm working on this, I'm actually opening mail now (baby steps!).  Pair that with my terrible personality flaw of ignoring things and you have a really really bad situation.  I successfully destroyed my credit history/score/whatever... and that's something I have to live with.  I am cash only.  Forever.  

Two:: Paying parking tickets.  Those little orange tickets are not to be ignored.  Again, I am some one who likes to ignore things and I just assume they will go away.  Well they don't and your car will get towed, which is expensive.  Even if you walk out of the coffee shop just as they are backing up to your car, and you run over, waiving your arms hysterically, crying.... it doesn't matter - You have to walk 18 blocks to the court house, pay ALL of the parking tickets, walk back, pay the tow truck guy, who nicely waited for you, only charing $1.00 per minute after 15 minutes, and then tells you stories about other cars he's towed while peeling the horrific yellow impound stickers off your windshield for you.  Oh and this was a week after I lost my dream job, so I was quite the emotional nut job, which I did apologize for - the tow guy was very understanding.  Lesson learned, pay the fucking tickets on time, immediately when you get them - it's really just easier.  Oddly enough, I haven't gotten a ticket since.  

Three:: Dream jobs exist.  You may have went to college for communication, business, physics...whatever.  Don't let that funnel you into a career just because you think that's what you should be doing.  I had to fight for my dream job, I applied three different times, and followed up with numerous emails before I even received an interview because on paper I wasn't "qualified" and didn't have the background.  But I knew I could do it and I had a deep passion for the position and organization.  I knew in my soul that's where I wanted to be and where I should be - they just didn't know it yet, I had to convince them.  Once I was there, everything fit into place.  It was even better because I had proven myself and had fought for my position - which is probably what made it harden when everything fell apart.  But I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Dream jobs exist, you never know where they may be, what industry they may be in, where the opportunity may present itself, or how long they will last.  But they do exist.  

Always, J