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Friday, May 31, 2013

Blog Everyday in May 05312013

prompt-vivid memory:

I have very very vivid memories of India.  They come and go in flashes.  These photos above are from two different days a couple weeks apart in the summer of 2007.

The first from a short drive to a mosque in Kolkata from our hotel in the late afternoon where we saw child after child by the side of the road.  Some of them sitting waist deep in garbage, others playing in medical waste, many of them completely unattended.  But they were beautiful children, the darkest most soulful eyes, eyes that had seen more devastation than I could ever imagine, they don't know where their next meal is coming, where they would sleep that night, or if they will see tomorrow, yet they were happy because they didn't know any different. 

The second set of images are from our morning watching the sunrise on the Ganges River - the holiest river in the Hindu faith. I can't fully express the emotions I still feel seeing these images again and remembering these moments.  This experience shook my faith in humanity and in what it means to fully believe in something, a higher power that is your entire existence, your entire foundation.  In Varanasi, there is nothing but faith, the greatest faith. 

These experiences greatly shaped who I am today, there is very much a before and after when I reflect back and consider why do I and do not do certain things.  India is one of the most beautiful and horrific places on earth and it touched my soul, leaving it forever changed.  

We must realize that most of us are extremely privileged individuals.  We have more in the here and now than many people in the world ever dream of having. 

My memories are always of India, both dreams and nightmares.  

Always, J ♥

Ps.  I have absolutely loved this blog everyday in may challenge.  I hope to continue with my personal blogging along side my gluten free blogging and have some big things to come with my blog by the end of June.  I have found some new amazing blogs to follow during this experience, have challenged myself to open up more and be more honest with myself, and I have found blogging even more cathartic than I ever thought possible.  Thank you always for reading my blog for whatever reason you do!