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Thursday, May 2, 2013

GFAF Expo part FIVE

My very last GFAF expo post and it's completely dedicated to chips!!

Way Better snacks had all of their flavors out for tasting... they were all incredible and I really enjoyed getting to sample each flavor including black bean, unbeatable blues, sweet potato, multi-grain, and sweet chili.

Sweet Chili was my favorite flavor by far.... even Wally approved.  Way Better snacks prides itself on its organic natural ingredients including sprouted quinoa, sprouted broccoli, sprouted daikon radish, sprouted flax, and stone ground corn which makes their chips unique and of course extra healthy!

I've always enjoyed Crunchmaster products but this expo allowed me to sample more of their products than I ever knew existed.  These take home packets were just a couple of their basic flavors and ones I've had many times before - however at the expo I tried the garden vegetable crackers and they were freakin incredible!  I can't wait to get some the next time I'm out shopping.

These are great basic crackers - you could really do ANYTHING with them.
The Rosemary & Olive oil was also one of my favorite new flavors.

I had never seen this brand or product before the expo.  Plentils was definitely new for me - they had really great intense flavor but the texture was very strange.  They crunched but then sort of dissolved in your mouth.  I loved the flavor and the texture sort of grew on me.  If I saw them in the store, I would definitely buy them :)

I hope you enjoyed touring the GFAF expo with me!  I loved seeing some of my favorite products and sampling lots of new ones!

J ♥